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Thoughts about Harris Fellman and his 4 Minute Money

I have been reading so much stuff about 4 Minute Money, the latest Internet marketing system from Harris Fellman and his co-author Brian Koz, so, I just thought I’d share some of it with you.

What’s sort of funny is that all the e-mails I have received have been from people promoting it, and they all say that it’s a really awesome system, and that I can’t miss out, it’s sort of perfect. And I must admit 4 Minute Money, that would be great, if 4 Minutes is all it takes, then here I am, ready for my new marketing system.

4 Minute Marketing by Harris Fellman and Brian Koz

On the other hand, I have been chatting with a few friends and I have been hanging around at various discussion forums, and they are all very sceptical. None of them really believe that it’s possible to earn money using Internet marketing in 4 minutes.

I must say that I agree. I have never found a method that could make me money in only 4 minutes, but we need to remember that this is Harris Fellman we are talking about. He has become sort of a celebrity in Internet marketing at rocket speed. He is one of the most creative guys in Internet marketing. If someone can come up with techniques to help you make money in only 4 minutes, well, I think he is the guy.

I am still sceptical though.

What I have for you today is the introduction to 4 Minute Money, it’s a completely free report, 30 pages that will take you inside what you really get if you decide to join up.

File Attachment: 4minute.pdf (330 KB)

Now, you can sit back and relax and read the 30–pages and see for yourself what this new Internet marketing system is all about. What I find amazing is that I first thought that this was only an e-book describing different 4 minute techniques, but it’s way more than that. You will actually get many top notch “scripts” when you join, just look at this list:

You will have to see for yourself what the system really includes, because it’s a lot more than you probably can imagine.

According to the sales page, this is what you will discover if you buy 4 Minute Money:

I really like the sales page, the graphics are awesome (no wonder, they are using the guys at Graphic Maverics) and the copywriting is really something to be proud of.

Back to the disucussion forums; I mentioned that everybody was sceptical and didn’t believe in the 4 Minute Money system. Some, said some really nasty stuff and some considered it as scam. Now, Brian Koz (the co-author) have just replied, and he said some really interesting stuff:

Just a quick note here. I actually am the co-author of 4 Minute Money — the methods in it are ones that I personally used to get started in making money online. The scripts that come in the membership site are truly some of the most amazing you’ll see out there.

Some of the comments here seem a bit silly, as the guide was JUST RELEASED TODAY so it is fresh.

Don’t think you can make money in four minutes? THAT’S a lie. There are so many legit ways of making money online, and not all of them have to take weeks to months to implement. Instead of investing all of your time and money into the next big thing, focus on several methods that are proven to work, make logical sense, and don’t take a ton of time or money to do — that’s the basis of 4 Minute Money.

Will some take more than 4 minutes? Sure. Just like some people I know take a half hour to type up a single paragraph — others get it done in a minute or two.

I stand behind the product because it’s truly the very methods that got me started that I still use today. I didn’t need a bunch of JV’s, huge mailing lists, etc. to be successful online — nor do you.

If you try it out, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you. If not, make sure you don’t just assume that everything is the same old crap. This was created to be new and fresh and to break away from the same old stuff you get taught every day by others.

Take care,


P.S. To the guy who said the guide was “shit,” I find his words hard to believe. He mentioned that BEFORE the guide was even available to the public. If he shows me proof that he actually bought it before (impossible), I’ll give him $50 to put his words to the test.

I think what Brian wrote says it all.

I am not sure if I am going to join or not. The price is rather high, maybe not if you think about all the stuff you get, but it’s not something you just buy because you are a little curious. And I still have the problem with time, as I have two major projects at the moment.

Download the free “sneak peak” of 4 Minute Money

What do you think of 4 Minute Money, is it possible to make money in just 4 minutes?

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