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This Should Not Be a Secret

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This is my first post written entirely on an iPad. I decided that it was time to do it, since I’ve finally unboxed my brand new iPad (it’s been inside the box for a week). I’ve been using my iPad a lot for business lately, and it was just a matter of time before I was going to write a blog post on it.

If you want my opinion about how it feels to write a blog post on the iPad, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom, or just continue reading, because I will let you know at the end.

Sleeves for protection

I bought a sleeve. Actually, I ended up buying two sleeves.

I’m not used to having a cool sleeve to protect my iPad, or my iPhone, and I didn’t think that I was going to buy a new sleeve for protection either, even though I have a brand new iPhone 4S and a brand new iPad. But my old iPhone was completely destroyed by being in the pocket of my jeans for most of the day. And I ended up not being able to use the headphones to listen to music or the microphone to talk to people. I guess it was all due to lint in my pockets.

So, I decided that, since I’m now running a business, and I want my important business tools to last, I needed to buy some protection. I walk a lot (I’ve even spotted a fake deer), and I carry my iPad with me everywhere I walk, along with a lot of other things, and it would be scratches all over it if I didn’t find some sort of protection for it.

I ended up buying two sleeves from ColcaSac. One for my iPad and one for my iPhone. The reason I ended up shopping at ColcaSac? Well, I loved their website, and the design of the sleeves looks awesome. And, I love the way they describe the materials and that they’re handmade. I really liked the story they told me. And marketing is about storytelling.

I want personal

So, I decided to buy the sleeves from ColcaSac, but, what I’m about to tell you made the shopping experience so much fun, and a lot more fun than I expected.

And, it’s a secret? I believe it is, because almost nobody is doing it.

You probably know this already, but I need to tell you again. To me, marketing should be made personal. If we can connect with the customer, and create a relationship, the customer will stick, if not, he’ll start looking for products at the shop down the street. I believe that there’s not a single product or service that can’t be made personal. I have talked about how milk marketing is turning personal, and about potato chips marketing. Now it’s time to talk about the power of handwritten notes.

Handwritten notes

I’m not sure. But, the image you can see below is probably the first handwritten personal note I’ve received on a receipt.

handwritten note from colcasac

It doesn’t say much, but it’s personal, and it makes me feel good. It makes me believe that the person that shipped this to me was actually a person (not a machine), and that she knows my name, and that she cares. She makes me want to shop at ColcaSac again, and she makes me want to tell all my friends to shop at ColcaSac.

That’s the power of personal handwritten notes.

Think about it. How much time did it take her to write that note? And doesn’t it feel great to make someone feel special?

And, I am biased, because of the handwritten note, but I really love the sleeves.

Writing a blog post on the iPad

I’m almost finished writing the blog post, and to me, this has been a truly amazing experience. Not once have I tried to open a different app, and not once have I been thinking about anything but the words I have written. I have been using iA Writer for the iPad, and it syncs to iCloud. So, in the end, I’ve written all the words on my iPad and I opened the document on my laptop and added the image and the links and published the post.

46 responses to “This Should Not Be a Secret”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Very cool, Jens!

    First the sleeve. Which one did you get? They look as if they protect the iPad quite well.

    I have to confess, I’m not a big fan of sleeves in general. I used them quite a while ago for a Palm Pilot but my problem with sleeves is that I have to take the device out of the sleeve to use it which means the device isn’t protected when I’m using it. I also end up not putting the device back in the sleeve and then either I lose the sleeve or find out the hard way that my device wasn’t protected.

    That being said, I really like the Colcasac and really appreciate the handwritten note. That personal attention will take them far.

    Now, on to the post written on the iPad. Well done! If you hadn’t told us, we never would have known that it was written on an iPad. (At least I wouldn’t have known).

    I haven’t found the ideal method to write blog posts from the iPad. I like accessing my dashboard on Safari, but I haven’t figured out how to include images that way. The WordPress app is good for images, but it doesn’t have the functionality of using the dashboard on Safari.

    So could you let us know how you wrote this awesome article on your iPad, Jens? 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I bought the Zagora sleeve for the iPad and it fits perfectly, and the Hanakapiai iPhone Sleeve. They’re both awesome 🙂

      I did all the writing on the iPad and I wrote it using iA Writer, but I added the links, and the images by using my MacBook Pro. iA Writer syncs to iCloud, so I just opened up iA Cloud on my MacBook Pro and did a copy and paste of the post. So, I wrote the post by using my iPad, but I didn’t publish it using my iPad 🙂

  2. D Scott Angle says:


    Very cool, I’ve been following your ipad progress to try and pick up a few tips. Now, thanks in part to your input, I am using my Samsung 10.1 for what I intended: blogging – as well as catching up on other news and stories.

    How have you found using the ipad for your blog? One of the reasons I went for the Sam. was ability to get the great keyboard accessory to slot it into – works a treat.

    I’ve never been one for sleeves, seem very fiddly, and I’m always worried about the screen cracking – paranoid I know. However, after checking out the site you recommended I’m certainly tempted and I can understand why you got one – cool or what!

    • I have heard a lot of good things about the Samsung tablets. I’ve never used any of them myself, I haven’t used a lot of other brands than Apple for the past five years 🙂

      I have also been using a keyboard for the iPad, and that helps a lot. I don’t use it when I travel, but I almost always use it when I’m at home.

      The sleeves from ColcaSac are awesome. I didn’t see myself using a sleeve either, but what I really needed was something to protect my iPhone and iPad while I am traveling, not while I’m actually using the devices. So that’s why I bought them. I highly recommend the ColcaSac if you’re looking for a sleeve 🙂

  3. Ruth Zive says:

    I also love a handwritten note! I buy a lot of stuff on eBay, and there are a few vendors I know who always include a handwritten thank you note. I agree – it leaves a lovely impression.

    I still haven’t been able to strong-arm the iPad away from my husband, but I’m glad you had a good experience.

    • Hi Ruth,

      Handwritten notes are a fantastic way to leave an impression. I can’t believe that so few businesses are doing it.

      I am only struggling with my kids when it comes to the iPad. But, they’re at school and in kindergarten when I’m using it. They’ll have to wait to get home to start playing 🙂

  4. Donna Merrill says:

    Hey Jens, Now that I’ve read all about your Ipad, I am wavering towards getting one. Because I work at home all day long, I use my mac laptop. When I need a break, I don’t even bring my phone with me. I need to get out of cyber space and return to the three D world!
    But… I often find myself thinking should I or shouldn’t I get a Ipad just in case. After reading this with all the bells and whistles to it, it has given me food for thought. Very tempting….

    • Hi Donna,

      I am using my iPad a lot more than I thought that I would. But, when it comes to writing long blog posts, I need an external keyboard. It’s so much easier to write when you have a physical keyboard.

      I love taking breaks without having the phone or computer (or iPad) with me as well. I walk a lot, and many times I leave my phone at home.

      Let me know if you have any questions about the iPad. I’ll be glad to try to answer them 🙂

  5. Congratulations Jens!

    Great achievement to write your fist post through an iPad- Wow!! I can’t even imagine doing that with my long posts 🙂

    I could read the excitement all through the post and am so happy that it worked well for you, so not you really don’t have to be home bound for writing your posts 🙂

    And yes, hand written notes and letters hold much more meaning to me than the emails or machine typed one. I think they give that personal touch and you know that the person at the other end has taken out that thought and time for you.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new discovery. 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      I have to confess that I wrote the post using an external keyboard, but it was on the iPad 🙂

      Handwritten notes are fantastic, and the one I received from ColcaSac is probably the first one I’ve received from a business.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations on creating your first post using your iPad Jens..

    So happy to hear that you’re thrilled with it and now you have the protection to keep that and your phone protected. If you’re carrying them both around a lot and they can bang up against things, it’s really in your best interest to keep them from being torn up. Sounds like you’re already been through one phone because of it.

    I love the hand written notes, I do a lot of those myself. I sent a lot of cards, always have and always will. I think it just adds that personal touch because we get so much junk in the mail as it is. No one writes hand written notes anymore due to the convenience of the computer. I think she was very smart to write that on your receipt.

    Definitely a lasting impression…

  7. Ben says:

    Hi Jens,

    I really enjoy writing on the iPad. It takes away all the distractions and allows you to focus on what you’re writing.

    iA Writer is a great app, and manages to keep things nice and simple. At this stage, I’m not using iCloud – I save my files in Dropbox instead.

    I see from your earlier comment you’re also using an external keyboard. I agree, it helps a lot 🙂

    • Hi Ben,

      I have thought about using Dropbox too, but so far iCloud works great.

      Yes, I had to be using an external keyboard for a long blog post, it takes way too long to write using the “regular” keyboard 🙂

  8. Carol Lynn says:

    Do they still make pens? (joking)

    That’s pretty awesome and a simple, fantastic way to build customer loyalty. Some time ago I had a service provider that I worked with for many years, and every year at the holidays they would send a handwritten thank you note and a cookie. I loved them for that. It was small but it was meaningful.

    So I’m jealous that you’re doing all this great writing on an iPad, I am just “borrowing” my husband’s at this point but have to get my own. We actually have bought a DoDo case, which we have for our Kindle and now iPad. It’s a hard case and the iPad goes right inside and it opens like a book, which is great for 2 reasons – 1) if you drop it, it’s protected and 2) you can open it up and use it without taking it out. No handwritten notes, but they are nice people to deal with and a great product, too.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I always like to hear about the good side of marketing!

    • A handwritten note and a cookie? Wow, I would have loved them too 🙂

      I was going to reply to your comment on my iPad, but now my son is playing on it… so I guess it’s back to my MacBook again 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  9. Jack says:

    I haven’t tried writing on an iPad but then again I don’t own one. I am curious to see how fast I can type and with what sort of accuracy.

    It sounds like it has been great for you.

  10. Jacko says:

    this is cool this ipad thing is a growing trend but there has always been a higher markup on accessories. Do you plan on buying any of the non apple tablets?

  11. Craig McBreen says:

    Hi Jens,

    “This should not be a secret.” Indeed.

    Still on the fence regarding an iPad purchase, but that is a cool set of sleeves from ColcaSac.

    Always good to hear about a positive customer experience and yes, hand writing notes are great.

    As I mentioned, I write on a tiny 11 inch MacBook Air, so it’s not that much different than an iPad with an extended keyboard.

    Thanks, Jens!

    • I have been thinking about buying the 11″ MacBook Air, but now that I got my iPad, I’ll have to wait to see what I should do with my money 🙂

      – my son loves my iPad even more than me 🙂

  12. Kazzsandra says:

    Congratulations for you Jen! I wasn’t actually familiar with sleeves until I found your site.. Anyway, thanks for the information you have shared here..

  13. Cathy Dullea says:

    I have been trying to type fast on my Galaxy Tab and trust me it is one of the most tiring things to do. I have recently purchased a compatible keyboard with it, but it still it SUCKS big time, No match for my laptop!

  14. Rochelle Harrison says:

    So cool writing you blog in Ipad it now easy to use and write at the same time. Very nice post.

  15. Mark says:

    Hi Jens, congrats on the new iPhone and iPad! With business ownership comes the toys to play with ; )

    The littlest things make the biggest impression on customers…

    Funny, it’s those little things we forget about, don’t have time for, or don’t recognize the importance of.

    It’s those little things that separate a business that just survives from a business that leads the pack.

    • Hi Mark,

      Absolutely. I haven’t given handwritten notes much thought, well, until I actually received one. They’re so easy to make, yet, almost nobody is doing it. And that’s why they’re so powerful 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the support Mark. Have a wonderful weekend, and do eat some pizza 🙂

  16. Becca says:

    Wish to work also on ipad in the future. It’s very expensive in our place so i need to save
    for a year before i can afford to buy it.

    Congrats to your new ipad!

  17. Daniel says:

    The article is very good and I learned many useful and interesting Nea who until now did not know. I follow your site often and loving much. Always there are many useful things for beginners.

  18. Vickie Horsfall says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Whenever I type on my ipad I seem to make many more typos than I would have made if I was using a regular keyboard. So, congrats to you for posting this blog from your ipad.
    I received a free cover for my ipad when I purchased it online from Apple. They sent it to me as a ‘we are sorry ‘ gesture for a shipment delay of my ipad. Another reason I love Apple. Service is so very important to me.

    I am also in total agreement with your feelings about the personal, handwritten thank you note. (not just because I make and sell handmade greeting cards) I have always felt that we need to keep a balance in our high-tech world. Personal
    notes and handwritten communication is so important. It makes people feel better.

    I didn’t intend on being so long-winded in this comment. However, I typed this on my ipad, and my typos were limited! It was worth it! Looking forward to your next posts!

    • Hi Vickie,

      I don’t write long blog posts using the default keyboard on the iPad, I get a lot of typos as well if I do that. What I do is use an external keyboard, and that makes it a lot easier to write. But, for Twitter and Facebook etc.. I don’t use an external keyboard 🙂

  19. Carmen says:

    I think it just adds that personal touch because we get so much junk in the mail as it is. Thanks for letting me join the conversation.

  20. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens,

    I don’t think I have ever received a written note on one shipment before but I’d certainly consider doing business again with a company that did it.

    So cool you did the whole post on your new iPad, are you writing directly on the touchpad or are you using a keyboard for it?


    • Hey Sergio,

      That’s exactly what was my experience too. I had never received a handwritten note like that. It wasn’t much, but I loved it. Too bad they’re only selling sleeves, or I would have bought a lot of other things as well 🙂

      I am using an external keyboard to write my blog posts on the iPad. It takes too much time to write a long text using the default keyboard.

  21. Jamie Carrion says:

    I hope you are enjoying the new retina display of your new iPad. You are very right when you talked about importance of making business personal to customers. In business, it is now all about earning customer loyalty and keeping customer retention and the described approach can be very effective for both cases. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of hand written notes, very effective but we merely use them. I will keep this thing in mind in future!!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m enjoying my new iPad, and I have just bought a game for it called Settlers. I used to play it on my pc about twenty years ago 🙂

  22. Denise says:

    I agree with you. I would pretty much appreciate something with personal touch compared to the typical one. Maybe that’s what is important in every business. The sense of connection between the two parties involved.

    • Hi Denise,

      Absolutely. I always prefer personal compared to anything else. To me, personal is what inspires me, and it’s why I eat at various restaurant instead of finding the restaurant with the best food 🙂

      • Denise says:

        Yeah! That’s how we could actually compare things, to have our first hand experience. Anyway, many people will surely appreciate that personal touch.

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