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I have been reviewing all the wordpress plugins I’m currently using. I received a manual spam action from Google, and it made me take a detailed look at my blog. I have been focusing on writing, that’s it. Now, because I suffered from being naive, I am evaluating every step of my blogging, at least once a week. The first thing I did, was to start removing every “bad” backlink. Now, I’m also fixing every single error.

I have been focusing on SEO, and I’ve written about wordpress page vs post for SEO success.

We need plugins. The only problem is that there are so many of them, and many of them are awesome. At the most, I had more than 50 plugins installed. I was thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem, but I was wrong. I discovered that my blog was suffering, and that every time I published a new post, my blog was offline for a few minutes. And, it continued. I contacted my webhost to find a solution. To make a long story short, the solution was to remove many of my “bad” plugins and clean the database.

The reason I’m writing this long intro, is to give you a perspective of what I’ve been dealing with lately, and to tell you about Thirsty Affiliates – one of the few plugins I haven’t┬áremoved.

thirsty affiliates

What Thirsty Affiliates is

The Thirsty Affiliates plugin is a method to take control of your affiliate links. You’ll create good looking links, that is, short links for each of your affiliate products. And, you’ll get an easy way to access all of them, right from within the wordpress editor. And, finally, if you upgrade, you’ll get detailed statistics on how many clicks you get on each of the links.

I’m not big on affiliate marketing. I’m not earning much money from my blog. But, I do like to have full control of what I’m doing. That’s why I keep evaluating the plugins I’m using, and my marketing methods. I really enjoy statistics, and I spend time once a week, to evaluate all the statistics in Thirsty Affiliates.

You can also upgrade to get different add-ons/extensions:

  • AZON add-on (to get Amazon affiliate links, directly from Amazon)
  • Autolinker (auto-links keywords across your website)
  • Geolocation (sends your visitors to different sites based on their location)
  • Google click-tracking (automatically ads the recommended Google click event tracking code)
  • Scheduled links (schedule your time sensitive campaigns)
  • CSV-importer (imports your links from a spreadsheet)

The plugin is free

Thirsty Affiliates is free. You can use the plugin without paying any money. You’ll be able to have full control of your affiliate links, and you’ll be able to access them and add them to your post. The only thing you need to pay for are the add-ons you need. At the moment, I’m only paying for the detailed statistics.


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