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They Are Influencing Your Work

It really helps to understand who you are working for.

Yesterday, I was out walking. It was a long walk. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. I felt like being outside for a while, just to enjoy nature and listen to the birds. I had an amazing time, all by myself.

While walking I started thinking about an article I read a few days ago, it was an article about a Norwegian soccer player. I don’t usually read news about Norwegian soccer players, but this one was interesting – unlike most of the articles about Norwegian soccer players.

The player is currently playing in Premier League in England, and he had decided that he didn’t want to play for his old team in Norway in the future. The reason for his decision is that he is having a disagreement with the management (or maybe it was the owners, I’m not sure). That was it. The story was finished, or so I thought. I didn’t think much about it, before reading some of the comments.

One man told him that he didn’t understand his decision at all, because soccer players are not playing for the management or the owners, they are playing for the supporters and their fans. The teams supporters are all that matters.

When I finished reading the comments, I wasn’t sure what to think. It made me realize what an interesting question this was. It made me wonder.

Who am I working for?

– My boss?
– My co-workers?
– My fans?
– Myself?
– My family?
– To change the world?

If I’m working for my boss, I should adjust accordingly and quit as soon as I don’t agree with the overall decisions being made. It will probably always be disagreements with the management, some minor and some might be fairly major. How I feel about management will be what affects me.

Sometimes it might not matter much what management are doing. If I’m working for my co-workers, if they are the reason why I’m working, then I would keep on working and doing an awesome job no matter what management are doing. Management will only have a minor influence on my work. I would help my co-workers, and keep them happy.

Some people, I’m not including myself, will have fans. If that’s who you’re really working for, then it doesn’t matter what happens other than with the relationship with you and your fans. If your co-workers suck, and your boss is an idiot, the fans are the reason why your doing it.

At other times, a job is just a job, and you’re working just to get paid in order to have a decent life. You want the money. You want the prestige.

Many people are working to support their families, that’s who they are really working for. They would do almost anything, sell almost anything, in order to earn money for their families. If that’s who you are really working for, I guess you wouldn’t be so worried about having a boring job as long as you’re earning enough money to support your family.

Some people have a completely different goal, they’re working to change the world, they want a better world. Their work will help people, animals, or the nature, and their income is not what it’s all about.

I probably couldn’t write, or sell a product or a service that I didn’t believe in, a product that I didn’t think was really awesome. On the other hand, it all depends on who I am working for, if I was working only to support my family, I could do it. If I was working to please the management, I could do it.

Who am I working for? That’s a tricky question.

What’s easy though, is to understand that who you’re working for are influencing your work.

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