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The Size Of Your Facebook Page Logo Matters

To me, the size of your Facebook Page logo is important. If it’s too small, especially if it’s not high enough, it just doesn’t look right.

What many companies are missing, is that the image to the top left shouldn’t just be the logo. It should be a fairly large image with your product and logo, it should be something that represents who you are. Not just a small logo.

At the end of this blog post I will reveal what I believe to be the perfect size. But first, I like to show you seven examples.

Two examples of Facebook Page logos I believe should be adjusted, and five Facebook Page logos with perfect sizes.

Stanford University Facebook Page

Stanford University should adjust their logo.

IKEA USA Facebook Page

IKEA USA should adjust their logo.

Taco Bell Facebook Page

Taco Bell are doing it right.

McDonald’s Facebook Page

McDonald’s are doing it right.

Pepsi Facebook Page

Pepsi are doing it right.

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola are doing it right.

Victoria’s Secret Facebook Page

Victoria’s Secret are doing it right.


The right size of your Facebook Page logo

There are no exact measure when it comes to the right size of your logo on a Facebook Page, but if you take a closer look at the Coca-Cola Facebook Page (or any of the other five companies above), their logos are very visible and it looks like that it’s their property and not just a regular Facebook Page.

The Coca-Cola logo is 200 x 370 pixels, and that’s perfect. I wouldn’t go any smaller, but maybe even as large as the one from Victoria’s Secret 180 x 540 pixels.

I’d really like your opinion on this.

15 responses to “The Size Of Your Facebook Page Logo Matters”

  1. Jaydip Parikh says:

    Ohh WOW ! I just updated my Facebook Fanpage Image maximum two days back. Check it

  2. Sally says:

    Very helpful observation. It’s easy to overlook the importance of this sort of detail. I’ll be giving my Facebook a facelift soon. Thanks.

  3. Eddie says:

    Interesting thoughts, I don’t think the size makes too much of a difference IMO. If people are on your Facebook page they probably already know about your logo and the size and shape of it shouldn’t worry them too much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Victoria’s Secret logo was the best. 😆 But I agree with you, 200 x 370 is perfect. Thanks for this tip.


  5. Dave says:

    Question: I want my welcome page-image, and all images, to be clear like Victoria’s Secret fanpage. My images are sharp in C%5 & Lightroom but not on FB. What steps I should take to make that happen? My images are soooo pixalated that you cannot see some txt on the image. Can you or someone who knows this problem please supply us with a step by step procedure, from what program to use, to how to upload.

    My tools:
    Editing: CS5, Lightroom3
    I use a Free Online HTML Editor – with this I can create my page then copy the source and paste it in my FBML. The problem, my opinion, is I have to generate a url for the image so I upload it on FB. (That is a huge problem because FB compresses their images) and when I copy the url of an image uploaded from FB it is pixalated. Maybe I need another image url generator or thingy.

    Thank you in advance..

  6. halfacat says:

    great observation here, and I agree the coke image is great, especially with blending the facebook blue bar into it making it look more natural.

  7. Thanks a lot. The first I was looking for was Coca-Cola, their marketing is usually awesome.

  8. DB says:

    The problem I have with uploading logos is the thumbnail. It is difficult to show the entire logo in the thumbnail. Do you know how to fix?

  9. Arthur Charles Van Wyk says:

    Great revelatory topic you posted. I feel you should have used personal profile examples as well, because now whoever just skims this post and don’t really read it will see the visual examples and assume this applies to businesses and to fanpages only.

    • jens says:

      Hi Arthur,

      That’s true. I didn’t think of that at the time. But, maybe I’ll update the post with some personal profile examples as well.

      Thanks a lot for the tips.


  10. Ja Bruce says:

    What are the output recommendations for logos? I am saving as a 24 bit PNG from Photoshop but the image is very compressed and looks bad after uploading to Facebook

  11. Heather Smith says:

    I think logos on your facebook account does not matter how big or small they are one thing for sure matters……. the content.

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