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The One Thing You Don’t Know About Customer Service

I still remember the day the pizza delivery guy gave me a ride home, it was an awesome feeling.

The thing about marketing is that it almost always seems to be about the small parts, the things people don’t seem to think about, that is until they experience it.

A lot like writing a novel

I usually think of marketing as writing a novel, and to me marketing is a lot like writing a short and fairly straightforward novel, like Tuesdays with Morrie or the five people you meet in heaven, both awesome books written by Mitch Albom. It’s extremely difficult to write a novel like Mitch Albom does, you need a talent, and you need to stay focused on the most important parts and you need to integrate the parts in the story.

When it comes to marketing, what you need to focus on, more than anything, is customer service.

What marketing is all about

If I have to say what the most important part of marketing is, I would say customer service, that’s really what marketing is all about.

I believe that most people already understands this. Well, people who have experienced either fantastic customer service or the worst customer service possible, they understand.

What you don’t know

Customer service doesn’t have to be related to your product or your service, as long as it’s fantastic, or at least something extraordinary. Do you remember the story about Zappos? The people at Zappos seems to understand. Call them up and ask if they can help you find direction to the closest pizza hut. What do you think the answer will be?

When I visit the guy who cuts my hair, I don’t focus much on how I am going to look afterwards . I focus on the person cutting my hair, I want to talk to someone nice and funny, someone interesting. I want to listen to a story, and I always get one from the touch of his magic hands.

Everything we do, no matter what it is, is related to people. We buy from the people we love, from the people we find most interesting, and the people who are providing us with something extra.

I’m still ordering my pizza from the local pizza place, and the reason is not that they make the most amazing pizza.

What I’m saying is this. Focus on the relations with other people, not just your products.

The flat tire

I remember another story, about me and my 7 year old daughter. It was raining, and we were riding our bikes. I didn’t realize until it was too late, that one of my tires was completely flat. We could walk back home, or we could ask someone to help us get air into the tire. We ended up at a store, a store not related to bikes or tires. I went in, asked the guy who was working there if he could help. He couldn’t, but he did everything in his power to help me, he spent 15 minutes looking for an air pump. He couldn’t find one, but wow, when I saw how helpful he was trying to help me fill my tire with air, I ended up telling everybody about the store. He ended up with more than one new customer, all because of one flat tire.

The new customer service

The guy helping out with the flat tire, the pizza delivery guy giving me a ride home, they’re both doing customer service, but it’s not related to their product. Both are doing a fantastic job, because they’re creating new customers and they are focusing on building relations (not just the traditional way of selling).

Do you agree, is this really what marketing is all about?

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6 responses to “The One Thing You Don’t Know About Customer Service”

  1. Taliya says:

    I am studying now and my techer says that novel is going short and short day by day some day a blog post may be called novel as well. 🙂

  2. shk says:

    your story related to flat tire, it does not lie under customer support, the guy was trying to help, he was not provided any kind of customer support, though his helping attitude made you his new customer..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent story about the customer service.. really nice post..

  4. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Nice one Jens, This story give us some Idea how to make it perfect to our costumers.

  5. Theodora Amankwaa says:

    I like your post on customer service and I completely agree with you, because how sociable you approach and behave towards people can make you win a long lasting friendship with someone, thereby been able to enjoy what they have or do, by helping them make progress in whatever they do or are doing, eg: direct recommendations and so on. Thanks

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