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The one goal for your website

I believe in goals and using habits and a strategy to reach the goals. That’s why I have written about my favorite iPhone app, and that’s the reason I’ve written about the morning routine. To me, improving and evaluating and analyzing the process is an important part of blogging and designing a website.

Yesterday, I talked to the head of a large business in Norway. We talked about their website; the design, the structure, and how to help them reach a higher position in Google. We talked a lot about marketing. I ended up with one question; what’s the one goal for your website?

I didn’t expect an answer. It’s hard.

Multiple goals

Most of the businesses I’ve talked to have multiple goals with their websites. Each goal is just as important as the other:

The conversation continued. I told them about ways to do marketing online, my social media strategy and reasons why they need to switch to WordPress. During the conversation, I kept thinking about the importance of having just one goal with a business website.

It’s hard to be a great website for multiple purposes. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t add information about different things, but your focus should be one thing only.


For instance, if your one goal is to build a strong relationship with existing customers. Your main focus will be to deliver high quality content, by answering the most frequent customer questions, and build a community for your customers. You’ll switch to a commenting system that’ll inspire conversations. You’ll reply to all comments. You might install a discussion forum. You’ll connect with brand advocates that love you the most.

If you have one goal in mind, you’ll have a completely different look at your website. You’ll understand what to do differently, and what type of information you don’t need, and what content you need to keep writing.

It’s time to sit down, take a close look at your website, and ask yourself; what’s my one goal?

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