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The New RockMelt Web Browser

RockMelt - The New Social Media Browser

I’m going to start using the new RockMelt web browser. It looks interesting, but so far, I’ve only read some reviews and seen it on videos. I have just applied for an invitation, hopefully in a few days I’ll give you my review.

The reason I’m going to start using it, is not really because it looks interesting. It’s about marketing, it’s about trust and expectations.


One of the people behind RockMelt is Marc Andreessen. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely-used web browser, he is the co-founder of Netscape and Ning, and he have joined the Board of Directors at Facebook, eBay and Hewlett-Packard (HP). Marc Andreessen is one of the true pioneers of the Internet.

When a guy like that starts something, we all know what to expect. When I first heard about the new RockMelt browser, I thought about Flock, another social web browser. I have tested it a while ago, and didn’t enjoy it that much. I used it for a week or so.

But then I read the story behind RockMelt.

What does Seth Godin have to do with this?

Well, nothing really.

My point is, that the only reason why I am going to be using the new “Facebook browser” is because of Marc Andreessen. The only reason why I tested Squidoo, was because of Seth Godin (he joined the launch team). I would never have tried it if it wasn’t for one of my favorite authors (of marketing books).

What does Joel Comm have to do with this?

Well, nothing really.

My point is this. It doesn’t matter what they launch, as long as it comes from the right company or the right people. Think about it, what do you expect from the next Apple launch. I know what you expect, something extraordinary. They have launched iPod, iPhone, iPad and their products are awesome. Of course we all expect something extraordinary.

Yesterday, I received an email from Joel Comm (author and Internet marketer) about his latest product. I thought he was kidding when he wrote that it was a virtual typewriter, but he wasn’t. Because the email was from Joel Comm, I had to read it, and because he is the man behind the virtual typewriter, I had to test it. I didn’t expect a virtual typewriter to be awesome, but it was.

The only problem with RockMelt

Remember, so far, I haven’t tested it. I have only watched the video (you can watch it below the text). If it’s too much of a Facebook browser, and not a social media browser, I think I’ll end up having a problem. I don’t use Facebook that much (but maybe I will when I get my hands on this new browser).

Think about the integration with Facebook for a second, this is what Facebook needs for me to get an invitation to use the browser (it’s a little scary, don’t you think?):

Access my basic information

Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.

Send me email

RockMelt Beta may email me directly at XXX@XXX ยท

Post to my Wall

RockMelt Beta may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to my Wall

I’ll let you know more after I have actually tested it. Here’s the introduction, the official video from the company:

What do you think, will you try RockMelt?

4 responses to “The New RockMelt Web Browser”

  1. Dan Lew says:

    It is a really interesting browser, I also installed this and have been playing around with it!

    • Me too, I’m impressed. It’s a lot faster than I thought.

      The only problem I’ve experienced so far is that sometimes I can’t seem to open the Twitter panel to see my direct messages.

  2. Joseph Hipolito says:

    HI JEns good day, I cant imagine that they have now a browser like this, I will try this one if its really faster than to other browser I hope they have addons too..

  3. RockMelt is indeed a WOWser…built on Chromium framework, this gives it all the properties that made Google Chrome the world’s favorite browser today and even more. RockMelt allows me to keep tabs on my friends activities while surfing the web. Thanks for this post….

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