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The New Guy and the Tiny Details in Marketing

It’s close to 9 PM, but the weather is not like it was the day I wrote about my summer vacation in Norway. The clouds are heavy and it’s raining – I am having an amazing time outside. I love to stand outside in the rain and watch the waves crash against the shore.

I am looking at the kiosk, the only building at the beach. The new guy is Martin, he sells newspapers and refreshments. It’s his first year.

I am all alone at the beach and I am thinking about how much I love this place and I am thinking about some of the tiny details that Martin has done in order to improve the kiosk.

I’ll only mention three, although I could have added many more (not to forget that Martin is an awesome guy and that he has added a lot of new and different types of food and beverages etc..).

He added awesome music

The first thing he did was add a couple of speakers to the wall.

speakers at storesand

Martin has a great taste in music, and I just love to listen to all the various music he is playing. I could stay there for hours watching the ocean and just listen to the songs. He added value to his kiosk by adding music.

He added shelter

shelter at storesand

I am outside no matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining. But, Martin discovered fast that even though a lot of people like to stay outside in the rain, they won’t come to his kiosk and stay outside eating and drinking (or reading newspapers). So, Martin added shelter. This way people can hide from the rain or get shadow from the sun. A shelter adds value to the kiosk.

He added table cloth

I usually don’t recognize details like a table cloth, but when Martin added table cloth to the tables on the beach I couldn’t stop staring. Wow.

table cloth at storesand

The old tables turned into brand new tables just by adding table cloth. It looks great and adds value to his kiosk.

Martin understands marketing and that some of the best marketing is in the tiny details and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

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