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The MobileMe Experience

Cloud computing; the words, combined, they sound unbelievable, they sound awesome.

It’s all about writing, sharing, working, whereever I am and whenever I feel like.

The system I’m using was launched on January 5, 2000 as iTools, then relaunched on July 17, 2002 as .Mac, then relaunched again as MobileMe on July 9, 2008. I have been using it since August 2008.

For people using Mac, and especially for people who are using more than one Mac, and even more if they are also using an iPhone or an iPad, this system is close to perfect.

MobileMe syncs everything, it means that you can use all your content on all your computers, and it includes the following applications:

– Mail & Webmail
– Calendar
– Contacts
– Find My iPhone
– Gallery
– iDisk

I’m not going to explain everything when it comes to MobileMe. This video explains it a lot better than I can.

What you need to know is that it works, and the only problem I’ve ever had, is when it comes to iDisk. I save everything I write on iDisk, this way I can access it everywhere, even on my iPhone (well, my iPhone is dead). The problem with iDisk is that it didn’t sync as fast as I wanted it to sync. When I use Dropbox, it syncs within a minute without any adjustments. So, I’m not only using iDisk anymore to sync my writing.

The one MobileMe application (except for Mail) that I use more than any, is the calendar. I’m very satisfied with syncing the calendar, I’m using BusyCal, but you can use the regular iCal on your Mac.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for the 60-day free trial.

Are you using any type of cloud computing?

Image: Florin Hatmanu

3 responses to “The MobileMe Experience”

  1. We are just sharing a family pack – My internet family. This is clearly a preview of the service for new entrants. This post will be long gone as soon as the last account is given away!

  2. We’re also sharing a family pack. But I’m the only one using it 🙂

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