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The Milestone Chart

I used to have a milestone chart. I used to write down all my goals on a piece of paper, like using the two most powerful words in marketing. I used to add them to a white board, and I used to set the milestones.

It used to be how I solved marketing frustration, but not anymore.

What are milestones?

Larger projects are broken up into smaller pieces. For instance, when you first start your Internet business, your main goal might be to one day be able to earn a living from it. The first milesone might be to earn $100.

What’s important is that a milestone is something you can measure. You should know when you’ve reached it. For instance, if you’re goal is to set up a new blog, when are you finished? When all the plugins are installed, or the new customized design?

In other words; it should be a (long term) goal that’s achievable within a specific amount of time. A milestone chart is a chart of your milestones.

To-do lists

I’m still using to-do lists. In fact, I am using to-do lists all the time. I’m not talking about to-do lists. That’s a completely different topic. It’s all about getting things done.

Why you should use a milestone chart

If you use a chart, it will be fairly easy to get an overview. It will be fairly easy to evaluate the process. It’s a lot like writing an outline, it’s about organizing what you do.

It’s probably a lot easier to reach your long term goals when you set milestones.

But, I’ve stopped.

Why you shouldn’t

When you do something, no matter what it is, you should be persistent. You should continue to do it until it’s finished (set a deadline).

I believe it’s a lot more fun to work at it until I understand and feel that I’m ready. Sometimes I just know. I need a main goal and a strategy. I always work towards the goals using the strategies.

Why I stopped

It’s a lot more fun. That’s why.

Let me give you an example. It’s about running.

A few days ago I was out running. I usually run three days a week, just to be in shape. I’m an amateur, I’m one of the slowest runners you’ve seen (you’ll understand if you see me). I had been running for about 45 minutes, and I was really tired. Then, I met one of the few men I know who are competing in marathon races. He was on his way back from the place I was running towards, he was probably a kilometer (0,62 miles) or so ahead of me. I kept running, listening to music, and didn’t think of it until about 15 minutes later. I was about to pass the same man. The marathon dude.

It felt awesome. I was so happy. It was a milestone. I hadn’t set it, nobody knew, including me. But I felt it. I believe that milestones like this one are a lot more fun when you don’t plan them. You just know when you experience them.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but the marathon dude is almost 80 years old, and he had probably been running for 3 or 4 hours when I passed him. And yesterday, when I was out running, two really old ladies passed me. I’m still an amateur and a really slow runner, but you probably get the point of the story.

3 responses to “The Milestone Chart”

  1. Info says:

    I’ve never been good at setting milestones. I like to recognize and celebrate significant accomplishments, but scripting those out has always been difficult. For years I did set long term goals; things I could work toward consistently. But lately walruses pop out of the ice at every turn and the plans must be re-written and goals re-directed. It’s very confusing.

    Oh, an Barbara Ling says to say “hi!”

  2. That’s like what I have been experiencing. That’s why I don’t like setting milestones anymore. It’s way more fun when they just turn up 🙂

    Say hi to Barbara from me.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Milestorm is not really easy to do it because every goal you put in your peace of paper must do and keep it up to get you goal in your life..

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