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The iPhone Apps I have paid for

iPhone sleep

I am using many different iPhone apps, and I have already written about the 3 iPhone apps I use every single day, and a wordpress app I would pay for (if someone could create it).

Now, I’ll list all the iPhone apps I have paid for, and I’ll also explain why I have paid for them and what I’m using them for (they’re in no particular order):


Instapaper is an app that lets me read the blog post or the articles I am currently reading later. It saves what I am reading, and lets me read it when I am more focused and have more time. I can read it offline, and I can share the article by using Twitter. I use it all the time.

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Keynote Remote

I have only used Keynote Remote once, but it really helped save my day. I was speaking and I wanted to do something extraordinay. I knew that I had to either use a mouse to get to the next slide, or click on a key on the keyboard. With Keynote Remote, I did everything with my iPhone. It was perfect, and very easy to use. I even saw all the slides on my iPhone.

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I have been looking for a way to track my running for a while. I also wanted a way to get more motivated, and help me get out of the couch and start running more often than a few times a week. I found Runmeter, and it’s perfect (although it doesn’t really help me run more often). It tracks close to everything and it uses GPS. I can even send all the details of my runs to Twitter and Facebook (I don’t really see the point though). What I do is I publish the details to my calendar, hence I get an overview of how many times I have been running during the week/month (the length, the calories etc..).

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NAVV GPS for Scandinavia

I needed a GPS for my car, I bought the one from NAVV. It was very cheap, and it works fairly well (probably not as good as the best ones, but it has been really helpful).

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One of my friends told me about geocaching. I downloaded the free app first, tested it with my kids, and I was sold. Geocaching is the perfect way for a family to have fun outside. It’s a lot like treasure hunting. My kids can’t get enough of it, they ask me every single day, “please dad can we find a treasure today?” Just got to have this if you have kids.

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I am using Disqus to manage the comments on my blogs. I love this system. When I discovered that they’ve made an application where I can manage all my comments (apply, delete, spam) and write replies from my phone, I just had to buy it. It’s awesome, and I highly recommend it, although I would also want a new feature where I can actually see the name of the blog post people are commenting on.

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Any apps that you are using and I have missed?

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4 responses to “The iPhone Apps I have paid for”

  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    I think that was the first model of Iphone, but even if this is the first I like it because until now My phone is this Iphone first model..

  2. Jac Evans says:

    The Iphone application has a wide uses which i use a lots of time. I am the big fan of of iphone. To get the Iphone, i have lots of struggle.

  3. werbemittel says:

    The Iphone has a great features which are not in others. It has costly than other mobiles.

  4. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Yeah that’s right Werbemittel because even gmail account you can check in this phone, I hope this year I can buy the I phone 4s..

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