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The Gut Feeling

I don’t enjoy being inside an airplane, even though it means going someplace exotic.

Even worse, at the moment I’m heading home to Norway after two weeks in Rhodos (Greece).

I feel trapped. I feel weak. Just sitting here, everything is out of my control. I feel like I’m destined for something awful. I’m thinking about everything that can happen, and things that does happen from time to time.

I know it’s safe, a lot safer than driving a car, but it doesn’t feel safe. To me, it’s all about the feeling.

How it feels to be at the dentist, how it feels to discover a cockroach in the bathroom and how it feels to be reading a book.

It doesn’t matter if the book is an international bestseller, if it doesn’t fell right to read it.

Facts and analysis helps, but the gut feeling is what I appreciate the most.

In the air.

I listen to every sound, I try to interpret, looking for something that’s not right. To me, no sound is the right sound, but no sound would be even worse. I still got a bad feeling about this.

When buying products, all sorts of products, I look at the design, the price, the brand, and a lot more. But before buying, I listen to my gut feeling. I always do.

The iPad.

My gut feeling tells me that I should buy the iPad. It tells me that I’ll love this product from Apple. I’m not so sure that I’ll need it, that my life will be any different if I’ll buy it. It’s not about what I really need, it’s about what my gut feeling tells me when I watch advertisements, read press releases or view the product.

The food in the air.

The food has improved, a lot. I’ve just eaten a brilliant vegetarian meal. Brilliant, when I compare it to other meals I’ve eaten inside airplanes.

It never feels right to eat a meal when in the air. I’m always thinking that we’ll end up with turbulence or that the person next to me will knock something over. I always see myself full of hot sauce, coca-cola or ketchup.

When I eat, and when I’ve finished eating, there’s nothing else I can do. My lap is all about trash and leftovers, and I’ll have to wait for the flight attendants to collect it. It’s been 40 minutes.

My gut feeling isn’t always right, actually it hardly ever is.

It’s never right when it comes to airplanes, eating, or buying products.

I still listen to it, and I’ll always do. If it feels right, it’s always right, even though it’s not.

5 responses to “The Gut Feeling”

  1. Deep says:

    Dear Sir,

    Given article on Free Marketing Reports is very nice .

  2. Hrbailey says:

    Oh now I see. English is not your native language. That's why are the subject/verb agreement errors.

  3. @Hrbailey, you're right. I'm a Norwegian trying to write english 🙂

    Please tell me where the errors are, and I'll do my best to correct them.

  4. my waco dentist says:

    Towards the end of the event several people came up and made a point of telling me, that my initial introduction was wrong and that I was really a nice guy. And some of those people still talk to me today, so I take it they weren’t lying.

  5. Angela says:

    We always have to listen to our gut feelings whether they are right or wrong.

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