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The Fake Deer

Sometimes when I’m out walking, weird things happen. Weird things happen when I’m not ready, and sometimes they make me look at the world in a different way.

I was out walking yesterday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I didn’t hear a thing other than the brand new Seether album. The sound from my headphones were like a strong gust of wind in my ears, back and forth, just blowing and blowing. It was an awesome feeling of pain combined with the wonderful tunes of heavy metal.

As I walked, listening, dreaming, tapping my fingers, playing air guitar when ever I didn’t see a car nearby, I made a sudden stop.

I was looking at an area of short bright green grass in a yard, next to a rather big white house. But that was not it. What I was really staring at was a fake deer, and a short troll (there’s no such thing as a real troll, hence, it wasn’t a fake troll).

I removed my headphones, took a closer look, and yes, it was a real fake deer and a troll.

I had to take a closer look at the other houses and the other yards on this street as well. I had already realized that this yard was different, and it was, it was standing out. I bet that every person walking by will stop and take a closer look.

This reminds me of the potato chips marketing story, where a brand is successful by being small, because the competition is big, and it reminds me of how easy it is to stand out in any crowd by creating banners, and it reminds me why I gave money to a beggar.

The problem with standing out is that you should have a reason.

Sometimes you need to stand out in order for your business to be successful, other times you’re doing it to save the environment, but why in the world would you put a fake deer and a troll in your yard?

8 responses to “The Fake Deer”

  1. Ric Nunez says:

    They did the job quite well, was to call your attention. Why they want that? who knows

  2. Mintuz says:

    very nice, its what I am trying with my web-design business but it seems clients perfer the big guns.

  3. Kai says:

    The troll is fake, no doubt, but it seems to me that the deer might be real, live and kickin’. It could have been trained in Paris as the “stand completely still – so the photographer thinks you’re a fake deer artist?”.

    • Interesting. I walked past the dear yesterday, and it was standing in the exact same spot, but as I walked it looked like it was moving. I stopped, and when I stood completely still, the dear didn’t move at all. It was weird 🙂

  4. jens says:

    I walk past the fake deer about once a week and I always stop and look. It makes me smile every single time 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the comment.


  5. Joseph Hipolito says:

    That’s cool, its nice to read this page Sir jens, and I agree for what you said…

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