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The Escape plan

I have an escape plan for many areas of life and work.

If I say the word coffee, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me tell you a few things I have noticed.

Fresh grounded coffee smells good. Actually. Fresh grounded coffee smells great.

On the other hand. I have heard people say that it doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

It seems that people keep drinking bad coffee too, as long as it’s coffee (even though it’s been just standing in a thermos all day, it doesn’t have to be that warm even). I have experienced people who have exclaimed; this tastes like sh… Well. That’s what I’ve heard. And, still. They keep drinking it.

Drinking coffee has become a habit for many people. They drink it as soon as they wake up, and as soon as they get to the office, at meetings and to meals. Some people drink the same amount of cups of coffee each day, and some drink a different (but still the same) amount during the weekends.

Most of my friends, family and co-workers (well, most of the people I know) love coffee.

But, here comes the part you didn’t expect. Or at least many people don’t understand it.

I have never tasted coffee.

I might try it. But, I’m not sure if or when.

I was going to taste it during college. But – I guess I just didn’t do it (for no apparent reason).

Now. Especially now. The question I get asked most is; do you want coffee?

Before every meeting. Before every visit – I keep thinking about my escape plan. I know the questions. I understand the reactions.

I have an escape plan for many areas of life and work. It’s not about being different. It’s more about being aware and prepare just in case…

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  1. Clever post. It’s important to be firm in our commitments regardless of outside pressure. (But let me add: I was also in your situation for years and finally relented and now love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Try something new!)

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