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The Best Internet Marketing Newsletters

I’ll give you the best Internet marketing newsletters, but first. I’m really enjoying myself today. It’s that time of the year in Norway, where everything is just close to perfect.

It’s all quite, and wow, the weather is just awesome.

When I look up, I can’t see any clouds, just a bright blue sky and it’s as sunny as it gets. It’s not as hot as it gets in July, but it’s more than hot enough for me.

Here I am, in the hammock, only listening to the sound of birds, and thinking about Internet marketing. Not sure why that’s on my mind right now, but it is.

The reason it is, is probably because earlier today, I received one of the newsletters I’m subscribed to, and I published a tweet where I recommended that people should subscribe to it (@berget).

Um. It’s even more difficult to write laying in a hammock than I first thought.


I’m subscribed to a lot of different newsletters, I even have my own, but when I think about it, the two best I’m subscribed to are:

Internet Marketing for Smart People
Eric’s tips

I didn’t say the three best, or the five best, or the ten best, because in fact, relaxing here in the hammock, I can only think of two Internet marketing newsletters worth mentioning.

Let me tell you why.

There are three things I really appreciate when it comes to newsletters, and when I write my own, I’m talking about the emails I receive:

1. Sent to me on a regular basis

I want it on a regular basis, it could be every fourth day, every week, every second week or whatever, but I want it on a regular basis.

2. Contains valuable information

I’m looking for tips, I want to learn something. I want it to be different, not just the stuff I learn from reading other blogs.

3. It contains no sales

I don’t want every single newsletter to contain affiliate links. I don’t want it to be that obvious why the person is sending me the newsletter. I don’t like to see affiliate links inside a newsletter, although I guess it’s ok if it happens once in a while.

Eric’s tips and Internet Marketing for Smart People are perfect. I open every single edition, and I read every single word.

I recommend that you join both, you won’t be sorry.

Are you subscribed to any newsletters and can you list any that you recommend?

12 responses to “The Best Internet Marketing Newsletters”

  1. Well, the thing is, newsletter are often “email marketing” so affiliate links are often there and the worst is when you subscribe to many newsletter where the guys are selling each other’s products.

    Anyway, I agree with you, I’m also looking for good newsletters. Actually, I think that the only emails I really look forward to read are the posts from the Seth Godin’s blog. I receive his daily posts by email and there are always great, always. 🙂 Thx for this post!

  2. JeffSexton says:

    Great list. As far as additions to that list, I have to admit that the following newsletters all violate the “no sales” principle, but none of them are obnoxious about it and they all contain valuable content even when they are pushing a product, so I'd throw them out there as good reads:

    The Early to Rise newsletter

    John Forde's Copywriters' Roundtable

    Sean D'Souza's Psychotactics

    – Jeff

  3. Thanks a lot, I'll sign up for all three 🙂

  4. I agree, I read Seth Godin's blog as well. I have read all of his books, and he's just brilliant.

  5. Movie1030 says:


    I have always wanted to go to Norway but i had unfortunately never got the chance,
    I subscribed to those 2 newsletters, Thanks & keep up the good work.

  6. Hrbailey says:

    This edition of your newsletter violates your own rules. It contains information that is obvious and intuitive.

    It contains a sales message.

    If this is all you have to offer, better dig deeper before you write another one.

  7. Hrbailey says:

    Agree Seth's books are very good. Brilliant? That's a stretch.

    I find those daily posts annoying. About one in 10 provides an insight. The others belabor the obvious are painfully homespun.

    All you guys should become more analytical. Don't just instantly buy into everything.

  8. @Hrbailey, I think Seth Godin's books are brilliant. It might be that they're brilliant to people new to marketing. I've learned a lot from every single book he's written.

  9. @Hrbailey,

    I'm not sure what you're talking about. This is not a newsletter, this is a blog post. And I'll I'm doing is telling people that I really enjoy two newsletters (they're free to join, and I don't earn anything by letting people know this). How does this contain a sales message?

    Not sure if I understand 🙂

  10. You should go to Norway, I highly recommend it 🙂 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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