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The 3 Marketing Tricks At PopUp Domination

As I’m writing this, I’m still using the AWeber lightbox in order to get people to sign up for my newsletter. I have tested various techniques in order to capture the attention of my readers without annoying them, and the AWeber lightbox is the one that I find the most effective (and just a little annoying).

A few days ago, I discovered another interesting piece of software called PopUp Domination. The software makes cool looking popup windows, and it seems that it’s easy to integrate Email providers such as AWeber, GetResponse, iContact and MailChimp. But, I can’t really tell you how it works or give you a review of it, because I’ve only seen the sales page and an example of a popup at BloggingTeacher (the popup looks awesome, and the blog is awesome). So, I don’t really know how good PopUp Domination really is.

The reason I’m writing is because I saw three interesting marketing tricks on the sales page of PopUp Domination. By the way, I’m all for marketing tricks, but not to deceit, like the crazy idea from the marketing director, I’m only for cool tricks as a result of expertise and skills.

I’ve seen these tricks on many sales pages, and not only on the sales page of PopUp Domination, but the difference is that I really like this particular sales page. It’s not too long, it looks nice and it got some good descriptions of the product.

Marketing Trick # 1

This trick is interesting, because as a customer we’ll never know when the next 27 sales will happen. It can happen in the next few minutes or it can take days or even weeks. We have no way of knowing when this price increase will happen. It makes us think that we need to buy it now in order to get the discount.

Marketing Trick # 2

They are offering a “kickass” 60 day money back guarantee. This means that we don’t have anything to risk if we buy the product. There are no reasons why we shouldn’t buy it.

Marketing Trick # 3

A video that explains the product in detail is awesome. This way we can view how everything works, it’s almost as if we can test the product before we end up buying it. A video makes the sales process more personal (at least more personal than text and images).

Again, I have no idea how PopUp Domination works, but wow, the sales page is awesome.

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4 responses to “The 3 Marketing Tricks At PopUp Domination”

  1. home business says:

    Keep us updated about this I would like to hear more on this topic!

  2. Crujones9 says:

    Any idea how to make a sales page like pop up domination?
    is it just photoshop and dreamweaver?

    what about the embedded video with no play button or time line?

  3. Shocking says:

    I disagree. The pop-up dominator site is the worst kind of hard sell, using techniques that insult the intelligence of a chimp. They tick many of the “surefire ways to annoy visitors” boxes, including video with no pause, stop or mute buttons, pop-ups as you leave the page etc. Awful.

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