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The 1 Hour a Day Blog Traffic Technique

This is not a secret. This is not information that you have to pay money to get your hands on. It’s a plain and simple blog traffic technique.

1 hour is all it takes

Well, you could use as much time as you want. I’m only using 1 hour daily. That’s because I can’t use more time on this stuff. At least not at the moment.

Not a fast blog traffic technique

I’m doing four things. And I’m doing them every single day. It’s about being persistent. I don’t believe that you will receive a lot of traffic this way just by doing it for a week or two. Stay with it and you’ll see. You’ll see traffic increase almost instantly, but the numbers get higher the longer you do it. It’s the blog traffic technique I am using, and it works.


I’m using Numbers (you could use Excel or any other type of spreadsheet), in order to get an overview of what I need to do. I add the list of things to do, and I add the date. When I am finished with the task, I mark it as finished. There are many ways to mark it as finished. You could remove the item, put a line all the way through it, add a new color or a number behind it.

What I do

Remember, I only have one hour.

This is my list:

Blog comments

I’m only adding 3 comments (that’s not included the comments I answer on my own blog, but that doesn’t take more than a few minutes). The comments are on blogs related to mine. The topic should be close to identical, and the people behind the other blogs should be nice people, and the blogs should be of high quality. One of my biggest blogging mistakes was to not include blog commenting right from the beginning.

And it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, the better my comments are (if they are of high quality), the more traffic I’ll receive.

In order to get traffic from blogs, blog comments are important. I probably use 10 minutes daily on adding new comments. It doesn’t take much time as long as you know the blogs and the blog posts that you are going to comment.

Discussion forums

I’m only adding 3 replies (or start 3 threads) daily. There are thousands of threads, but I only pick 3. Discussion forums are a great way to network and build relationships with people.

I probably use 10 minutes at discussion forums, and I’m only using the digital points discussion forums.

Writing blog posts

I focus on one blog post, but usually I just write parts of it. I finish between 3 and 5 blog posts a week. But I believe it’s important to write on blog posts every single day. The more I write, the better I become at writing.

I probably use about 20 minutes daily writing blog posts for my own blogs.

Writing guest posts

I focus on one guest post. I write on a single guest post every day (the blogs are all related to my blog), and I publish (send to other blog owners) one guest post a week. Well, that’s my goal. I just started doing this.

I use about 20 minutes writing on guest posts.

It’s not always about the 1 hour

You probably noticed that I didn’t add anything related to social media (like Twitter and Facebook) to my 1 hour blog traffic technique. That’s because I don’t include social media. I spend little time on social media, but I do use them. I am using both Twitter and Facebook, but they’re different when it comes to traffic, and I don’t use them to get direct traffic. I use them to party.

If you only had 1 hour

The blog traffic technique I have described works for me. I try to focus on quality and being persistent, and I do this for 1 hour.

What would you do if you had only 1 hour a day? Would you do anything different than what I am currently doing?

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