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Thank you for unsubscribing

I have many subscriptions to various newsletters regarding Internet marketing, I enjoy reading them and sometimes I find great tips on how to promote my business. Other times I get tired of reading, some send out newsletter every single day, with nothing other than information about their business.

All newsletters should have information on how to unsubscribe at the bottom (or anywhere they like) in the email they send. That´s a great thing when I get tired reading them, and decide that I don´t want it anymore.

Today I decided that I didn´t want one of the newsletters anymore, so I decided to click on the unsubscription link. It was all really easy, but I didn´t expect the answer I received in my inbox a few seconds later:

Thank you for subscribing. You have now unsubscribed and no more messages will be sent.

Thank you for subscribing?
You have now unsubscribed

I got confused, but that´s probably just because I am a Norwegian 🙂

I think that all email or messages to the person who just unsubscribed should be direct and something like:

“You have now unsubscribed. I am sorry to see you go, if there is something you can tell us about why you decided to unsubscribe, please contact us at….”

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