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Testing The Effect of Time

I have been discussing various methods of how to interrupt blog visitors in order to build a list of subscribers, and I’m still using AWeber (link to my review) to send my newsletter.

PopUps are still the best method

I’ve tried many different ways to get people to subscribe, and it’s a fact that popups work better than any other method. The only problem with it is that it’s also the most annoying method. Many people will leave and never come back once they see a popup.

But I’m still using this method, because new subscribers are important.

By the way, I’m using PopUp Domination.

50 seconds

I used to make the popup appear the very second a new visitor arrived at my blog. Now I’m testing a different approach. I’m only showing it to the people who are at my blog for at least 50 seconds.

I won’t get as many new subscribers this way as I was when the first thing they saw was the popup, but I believe that I will get a better quality of the subscribers, and less irritated readers.

The reason I believe I will get a better quality of subscribers is that they’ve read at least one article and I think that they are probaly more interested of subscribing to my newsletter when they’ve spent 50 seconds on my blog and they understand better what they’ll get when they subscribe.

8 responses to “Testing The Effect of Time”

  1. Ric Nunez says:

    Interesting approach. Are you going to publish some stats?

  2. I think what you believe is right. You will get a better quality of subscribers if they read not just one article on your site. You have the point here.

  3. Joseph Hipolito says:

    NIce to see this info Jens, sorry that I have no idea for this because I’m still newbies, and to be honest this is really hepful to me you give me a great idea..

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