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Testing HubPages instead of Squidoo

As of yesterday, I signed up with HubPages, a very similar community to Squidoo. I have thought about creating a lense or two at Squidoo for a while, but when I heard about HubPages I thought why not test that one first. I just can`t say much about it at the moment, since I have only used it for a few hours.

But as with Squidoo, it`s very easy to create your own hub / lense, and you can earn money from it and you can even be an affiliate and refer other people to sign up at HubPages.

When the Hubbers you’ve referred use our revenue-generating tools, you’re entitled to an additional 10% of a hub’s impressions. (We’ll revisit the HubPage royalty structure in a moment.) And that 10% comes off HubPages percentage, not the Hubbers. The more, high-quality writers you bring in, the greater your royalties.

This is my hub at HubPages, it`s sort of a summary of my blog… but who knows what I will do with it in the future.

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