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Testing 12 daily pro

I talked to one of my friends earlier today. He told me about an autosurf program called 12 daily pro. I have visited their site several times earlier, and I have talked to many people about it. But I wasn´t really interested earlier. Maybe I didn´t believe what I heard and what the other people where telling me about this program?

This friend of mine is an experienced Internet marketer and he is a fellow Norwegian. I trust him and I know that he has been earning a nice income from various online businesses earlier. He told me that 12 daily pro is awesome and that he is earning hundreds of dollars every single day, just by automatically surfing 12 sites a day.

Well, I admit that I am a sceptic, but I just have to try this for a month or two to see what happens. If I can earn money this easy, I might as well try it. I will not lose any more than my $24.

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