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Ten greatest robberies of all time

Last night, I was thinking that Internet marketing sometimes feels a lot like a robbery. I have felt that I have been robbed a few times, and you might have felt this way yourself. At least after I have read a rather perfect sales page or an e-mail from one of the so called gurus, right that very minute, I felt that I just had to buy what they where offering. And especially because what they offered me was only available for 24 hours or so. I felt that they talked directly to me, and that the product they offered, was only offered to me and not to thousands of people.

But what happened after I realized what I just bought?

It was some crappy e-book, telling me stuff that I already knew. The author had just hired a really good copywriter who tricked me into buying it, along with some Internet marketing hotshot and his email. I remember a few times, when I just had to take a deep breath and try to relax after one of those robberies. But a robbery isn’t all bad, I have learned a lot from them all. Well, I haven’t been robbed that many times, even though it might sound like it.

I think that I know when to spot one, without actually seeing the product. I know some of the names behind some of the not-so-good products, and I know that I won’t buy from them again. And I know some of the techniques they use, especially the limited offer one, and I am not going to be in such a hurry to buy the product this time.

… but when I say that I have felt like being robbed a few times, it’s nothing compared to the greatest robberies of all time. I find it very interesting to read about how creative people make their living, today I suggest that you read the stories about the ten greatest robberies of all time. This might help if you have felt that you have been robbed a few times, then the amounts you lost might feel like nothing compared to what you will read today.

5 responses to “Ten greatest robberies of all time”

  1. Vido says:

    Hey Jens,

    I had a similar problem with NewsVine, but never with StumbleUpon.

    I guessed I haven’t reached the max number of stumbles for my blog, yet…

  2. Karen (Karooch from Scraps of says:

    I had a similar experience after i had stumbled my own posts about 8 or 10 times. Then I started stumbling other people’s posts (and I think it works better if you access them more organically than from a forum link). After a while i could stumble my posts again. But the value of my own stumbles is a lot less now than it was in the beginning. Stumpbleupon is a pretty smart beastie. i reckon they might suss out you plloy Jens.
    Anyway, I’m Stumbling this post now.

  3. Jayne says:

    Your own stumbles will have more weight if you also rate other people’s sites and actually USE stumbleupon like a community instead of a spam tool.

    There is a complex way of calculating how much your vote is worth, but you water it down a lot by having no friends, and only stumbling yourself.

  4. TerryG says:

    I had a traffic spike of 1000 visitors to my webpage that I stumbled on one day. There was no difference in my ctr and I came to the conclusion stumblers ARE NOT clickers. They look at sites only and not interested in the ad components on a page.

    StumbleUpon is a community and if you send a private message to friends in the community they are more than happy to swap thumbs up and reviews.

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