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Tell your story – the farm method

You need to create your story.

When you tell your story, every part of it should be related to who you are.

Let’s say you own a farm, and you’re renting out rooms to guests. You’ve decided that your story has three main parts:

When you tell your story, you should always focus on one or several parts of your story.

In the different rooms, place pictures of your animals.

Add notes, brochures on tables – you’ve written about how life used to be on the farm; what’s different now?

Tell your guests about the food when you are serving it; when did you start to grow it, is it hard to do? How do you do it, and why?

You love your animals and your guests would love to see them and pet them, how can you offer it to them? What’s important to the animals?

2 responses to “Tell your story – the farm method”

  1. Hi Jens,

    I like your farm analogy – it certainly got my attention!

    You highlighted the important points about telling your story very well and, again, the farm analogy worked great for this.

    The main points about being different, passionate and authentic and are important in everything we do in our marketing. If we are not different then we’ll just merge in with everyone else. Yet each of us has a USP – ourselves! If we recognise that and really capitalise on it, we can ensure that we stand out amongst the crowd.

    If we are not passionate then people will pick up on it. Even in the written word, there will be subtle indications as to whether we’re passionate about the subject or not and people can hone in on these even without being aware of it consciously.

    If we are not authentic then we run the risk of damaging our reputation. We need to always, always, always be 100% open, honest and authentic with everything that we do. It’s far better to be that way and not get other things quite right than try to make out that we’re something that we’re not. I know from personal experience that people can choose to hire you or listen to you soley based on trust, even if you don’t know a lot about something. So long as you’re honest about it, this gives people a feeling of security and confidence in you.

    Thanks for the interesting post, Jens! I hope you have a great weekend.


    • Hi Glenn,

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Trust, like you said, is very important. And from my experience as well, trust is why people hire me. Before trust, I believe the points about a great USP, being passionate and authentic is important and part of the story.



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