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Technorati just made my day

I have been thinking about report an issue to Technorati for the past two weeks or so. But everytime I was going to do it, I just forgot about it. My problem was that my blog didn´t get indexed at Technorati, it seems that it stopped when I installed a FeedBurner plugin, but I am not sure.

So, instead of actually contacting Technorati, I tried to find the solution myself. I searched Google and I visited several forums, but nothing helped. Today I looked at the technorati forums, and it seemed that a lot of people where having the same problems as I was having, and some were really frustrated. They wrote that they had contacted Technorati and after 10 days they still hadn´t heard anything from them.

So, when I contacted Technorati today I didn´t expect an answer sometime soon and I really didn´t expect any solution in the next days. So what happened? About five minutes after I sent my problem to them, Technorati responded and they had fixed my problem!

This was really something. Thank you Technorati. I guess I should have contacted you a long time ago instead of trying to find the solution myself.

3 responses to “Technorati just made my day”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Did you advertise your site with adsense on it on a traffic exchange? That’ll get you booted.

  2. Tim Linden says:

    Well I’ve tried it and will see if I get anything out of it thanks.

  3. jens says:

    I think I did, but I didn´t know about it back then. And I never got any warning, think that I should have… because then I would have stopped it 🙂

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