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TE Blaster any good?

I have been looking at TEBlaster for a while and it seems to be a very interesting service. First off, I am a member of Doctor Traffic, that’s almost the same as TEBlaster (TE = Traffic Exchange). Both Doctor Traffic and TEBlaster provides you with visitors from Traffic Exchanges, they are both really advertising co-ops. You just pay a monthly fee and they will deliver your visitors.

I am not sure about the differences, but as far as I can see, you will get more visitors with TEBlaster and TEBlaster has an affiliate option (you can earn $6 from each person you refer per month he or she is a member). The reason I joined Doctor Traffic is that I got a good deal when I became a paid member of I Love Hits. And so far Doctor Traffic has delivered what it promises.

Both seems to be good alternatives if you are tired of clicking and just want visitors. With TEBlaster you will get apx. 150 visitors a day and apx. 90 % of them are unique. It cost $39.95 a month to be a member and you will then receive apx. 4500 visitors a month. The price doesn’t seem that high, but how good is it really?

What I am questioning is why Jon Olson is behind both Doctor Traffic and TEBlaster, at first it seems like competing services. But they are probably not, maybe he just doesn’t have enough traffic for everybody all by himself? With TEBlaster he has joined forces with Steve Ayling and they are both experienced marketers.

One response to “TE Blaster any good?”

  1. James Dias says:

    2013 and teblaster is alive and well. 6 years later

    thank you for posting this amazing post about TE Blaster

    James Dias

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