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Is a Tattoo of Your Logo Really a Good idea?

At first, it might sound like a good idea to have your logo or slogan displayed to as many people as possible, no matter how you display it. You want your company to be the center of attention.

Some people think that the more people who’ll see and notice your company, no matter how they notice it, and where they see your logo or slogan, the better for the company.

Let me ask you this, would you want your logo or slogan displayed as a tattoo on a stranger?

I’ve read stories about weird auctions on eBay. For instance, a company paying a woman $10,000 for her to tattoo her forehead with their logo. Yes, she actually auctioned off her forehead.

Your company tells a story

You could advertise your logo or website on people’s feet, or you could go with handvertising. Either way, I’d want any display of my company’s logo or slogan to be related to what my company is all about (awesome products and breathtaking service) – for most companies, that’s not on a body part of a stranger.

… but it could be, if you found the perfect match.

A celebrity changes the story

On the other hand, if the person wearing the tattoo is famous, that’s a completely different story. If the person wearing the tattoo is a celebrity, it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t related to your company. The story of the tattoo would change into something really cool, and the same goes for your company.

A tattoo is too personal

What if the celebrity with the tattoo is Marilyn Manson or any other shock rocker? Then your logo and slogan would tell a completely different story than if the person wearing the tattoo was Brad Pitt.

If tattoo marketing is your thing, be certain that your story coincides with the story of the people wearing the tattoos.

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