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Target Facebook Ads By Using Birthdays

One very interesting option when it comes to Facebook Ads and how to target the people who are viewing your ads, is to target people on their birthdays.

If you do, people will only see your ad on their birthday.

Birthdays are powerful

The reason birthdays are powerful is that we’re all very alert on that particular day of the year. On that particular day, it’s all about us. You might not like your birthday, in fact, you might even hate it… but it doesn’t matter, you still remember that it’s your birthday and you’re still very alert.

Birthdays could be the only targeting you do, or you can combine it with what people like or their interests (both are options on Facebook Ads). If you do combine, your ads become even more powerful.

Another reason why birthdays are very important on Facebook, is because all your friends will see that it’s the persons birthday, and most of them will post messages on her wall on this particular day.

How To Create Birthday Ads

You should always use the word birthday in the headline or congratulations, or at least something to make the person remember what day it is.

You should also add an image, an image that you create for this specific campaign. It could be an image of your product, but created so that it looks like a birthday gift. It could be a cake, candles or whatever.

Always relate your product to the birthday. Use the advertisement to give a special discount, because it’s her birthday. Use the advertisement to give something free.

Make the advertisement as a gift to them on their birthday.

How to target birthdays

It’s easy. Look below “advanced demographics” and click next to “target people on their birthdays”.

Remember. The numbers of people who’ll see your advertisement will be different every single day, and if you target a specific country, or different interests, not a lot of people will see your advertisement.

When I target people from the age of 18 and above and living in Norway, and having their birthday today, only 160 people will see my advertisement today. But that’s ok, because I know it’s their birthday.

What’s important is that your advertisement is targeted. The more targeted, the better.

5 responses to “Target Facebook Ads By Using Birthdays”

  1. Ryan O says:

    We recently ran a facebook ad campaign targeting only users day of birth and their specific location and i must comment that it went very well. The leads generated were very good and responsive, and also due to the nature of our business friends posting on the persons birthday wall saw that they liked our page and therefore the campaign went a little viral. Would love to hear other peoples experiences

    • jens says:

      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks a lot for this feedback. I still haven’t tried targeting people using their birthdays, but I have thought a lot about it. It seems to me that if you combine birthdays and location, you can get a powerful campaign.

      But, i’d love to know more about what you advertised and did you use a FB Page or an external site as the landing page?


      • Ryan O says:

        Hey Jens, Good to know that you have interaction with your blog.

        We basically ran a promotion where we targeted people on their birthday and also by their location which worked perfectly for us as we offer daily deals in cities throughtout the UK. So our ad would suggest ‘GOING OUT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY IN X, THEN WHY NOT TRY X FOR YOUR SPECIAL DAY’.

        We then used the city location as the landing page.

        All in all, was a powerful campaign with some good results.

        Hope all goes well for you.

        All the best.

        Ryan O

        • jens says:

          Hi Ryan,

          That sounds like the perfect FB ad campaign. But, how did it go viral?

          We have a campaign for our FB Page, and a lot of people see that our followers (and that their friends also like it) like the ad, so they get interested because of the social proof. What about your campaign, any way that you get social proof?

          Thanks a lot for your feedback.


  2. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Wow is that real? I will try this one looks really effective sir…

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