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Target and Attention

Marketing can be both effective. Advertisement on the Internet are becoming more powerful. No doubt about it.

I know that I’m an easy target.

But whenever I see an advertisement that either sells whatever I’m looking for (even though I’m not looking for it at the moment I’m seeing the advertisement) or involves the city I’m in, I get a little excited.

It’s a lot easier to get attention if you target the your audience.

Yesterday, I saw this advertisement on Facebook (it’s in Norwegian).

I wasn’t looking for an employment agency, but the advertisement told me that there was a new employment agency in Halden (Halden is the city I live in). Now, that got my attention.

If I see Halden in an advertisement, no matter what the advertisement is for, I read it. If they didn’t mention Halden, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Target people by including their interests and or their location. If you do, you’ll get attention.

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