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Tag people and pages in your facebook status

Tagging people and pages on Facebook is a very powerful marketing technique. Today I will show you exactly how you should do it, and I will tell you why.

I believe that the best posts I write are the posts where I write about marketing tips that I have just discovered. In this case, this should be one of the best posts, because I discovered how to do this yesterday.

I have seen that people have been tagging photos for a long time, then a few weeks ago I started to see that people were tagging their friends in their status updates as well.

I didn’t think much about it at first, but then, actually yesterday, a co-worker told me that I should tag a person in the status update, because then the status update will also be added to that person’s wall.

Why you should tag people and pages in your status updates

The reason you should is that the people you tag will get a notification, and your status message will be posted on their wall. Not only will the person you tag see it, but all the people who will visit her wall will also see it.

To me, this is a lot like Twitter and what happens when we add @username to our tweets. When we do, our tweet will end up not only in our own timeline, but the other person will also see it, because it’s directed at her.

When you tag a page, your status message will also appear on the wall of the page. This means that all the people who visits the page will be able to see your status message.

In other words, it’s a fairly powerful way to give attention to your status message.

You can only tag your friends and pages you like

You can’t tag just anyone on Facebook, you need to be a friend of the person you are tagging.

And, you can’t tag any page either, you need to like the page before you tag it.

This probably reduces spam. Because, tagging can be used as spam, but at least you need to be friends first or like the page (and I think the administrator can remove people who are liking their page, if they started to spam).

How to tag people on Facebook

It’s easier than you might think, and it’s actually identical to sending a tweet to a person. All you do is add @name-of-your-friend in your status along with your text. That’s it.

When you add the @ symbol and you add the first letter of your friend, you’ll see a list of your friends. Just add more letters in order to find your friend on the list.

tag friends facebook status

Click on the person you want to tag. When you have tagged one of your friends, their name will be blue in your status message.

How to tag pages on Facebook

When you tag a page in your status message, you do the same as you are tagging a person. Just add the @ sign and the name of the page, for instance @bloggingbookshelf – the facebook page of the awesome blog by Tristan Highbee.


Make all tags relevant

I believe that you should always have a rule that all your tags, both people and pages, should be relevant. Don’t just add a tag in order to get attention.

No spam please 🙂

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