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Tag and Ping has launched

A few days ago I wrote about a new “system” in prelaunch, it´s called Tag and Ping, and according to the author “it´s the next generation of blog and [tag]ping[/tag], and …. Discover The New Breakthrough Method That Instantly, Surely, & Effortlessly Drives Hordes Of Laser Targeted Visitors To Your Website… So Effective That It Puts The Famous ‘Blog And Ping’ To Shame!”

I am not an [tag]affiliate[/tag] of this system, and I am not sure how good it is. The reason I am writing another post when I received a message that [tag]Tag[/tag] and Ping just launched is that I have received tons of email from other people promoting it. It seems that every time there´s a new launch of something, close to ever marketer jumps on it and starts to promote it even though most people don´t know if it works or not.


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