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Tag and Filter Messages in Google+

I have been on a fantastic vacation, and I just got back home. What I seem to have missed entirely, is all the amazing things that’s been happening with Google+, even though I have been walking 30 minutes to be online. I received an inivation to Google+ early on, but because I left for the vacation, I just didn’t get the chance to really test it as much as I wanted to.

Very important part of social media

Now that I’m back home, and I have spent some time looking at the features (but not nearly enough). I can say that the most important part, so far, is how easy it is to tag and filter all messages (and status updates). I actually believe that this is the most important part of social media. We need to know who we are talking to, then, only then, should we share.

Looking at Google+, it seems that it’s a lot easier than to tag and filter messages on Facebook.

The difference between tag and filter

When you tag people in a message, it’s to let them know that the message is about them. You can also tag people in order to let other people know who the message is about, that’s because the tag will be a link to the person (her profile).

When you filter, you decide who should be able to see your messages.

How to tag people in Google+

You tag people in Google+ by adding the @ symbol and then the name of the person. Whenever you add the @ symbol and start writing, you’ll see a list of names that you can tag. You can add the tag in the beginning of the message, at the end or inbetween.

Just enter the first letters of the person you want to tag after the @ symbol.

write the first letters to find the right people

And, remember, you can add the tag wherever you want inside the message:

add tags inside the messages

How to filter messages in Google+

When you want to filter your messages in Google+, you need to create circles of people.

First, find your circles and all the people you follow:

View all the people in your circles at Google Plus

Then, add people to the circles you have created, or create new circles. Drag and drop.

This is how to add people to your circles

When you have done this, you need to add the circles to your messages in order to only let the “right” people see what you’ve published.

add more people

You can add one circle, or more. By the way, the person you have tagged will automatically be added to the messages, and you can’t remove her, we will all be able to watch the messages we are tagged in.

Add more circles to the message

If you use public, the message will be available for everybody.

Extended circles

If you add extended circles, your message will be available to everyone in your circles, plus all the people in their circles. If you use this, you will reach more people, but it will still be limited to a specific group of people.

The reason why you should go public

So far, I can see that there are two reasons why you should consider some messages to be public.

If you use public, the message will probably reach more people, and you can get more followers (people that add you to their circles).

Your turn

I have just started to use Google+, but I really enjoy the way I can tag and filter the messages. I have sent many messages to one person, and to small circles of friends with onle a few members.

Do you use both tags and filters (advanced circles), or do you mostly use public?

37 responses to “Tag and Filter Messages in Google+”

  1. john Falchetto says:

    Hi Jens,

    Great to see you back. I hope your countrymen and women are recovering from the terrible ordeal you have been through.

    THanks for this on G+ I am still learning about it.

    Have a great week

    • jens says:

      Hi John,

      Great to be here, and great to see you as well. I have been back just for a few minutes, and I’m still sort of on vacation. The weather is nice, and I’m just thinking about the tent 🙂

      I’ll be over at your blog soon, to read all the posts I have missed during the summer.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and your support.


    • jens says:

      I forgot to comment on the terrible ordeal we’ve been through. I’m still kind of struggling, it’s the worst thing that can happen… and it’s still the only thing we see in the news.

      I can’t believe that this happened, and how one man can do something like this.

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts.


  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jens, thanks for the explanation and for the quick guide.

    I have started using Google plus and thanks to this post I know understand how to use it a little better.

    I’ll make a point of setting up a circle just for blogging friends and I’ll try tagging as you described here Jens.

    Thanks for writing this really helpful post.


    • jens says:

      Hi Barry,

      I have just started using Google+ as well. I’m still learning. But, I struggled awhile with Facebook when it comes to filters (and friends lists). That’s why I thought that I would start with this.

      I haven’t created my blogging circle yet, but that’s something I’m going to do soon. Thanks a lot for the tips.


  3. Eddie Gear says:

    Jens, this is a good tutorial. I liken the way you have presented google +

    For some reason, i feel like its full of noise.

    • jens says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Great to see you here bud. Yes, Google+ is full of noise, but it might not be that hard to understand. I’m just a newbie when it comes to Google+. That’s why I started with the most important part to me, filtering.

      I don’t want my messages to be everywhere 🙂
      There are so many things going on right now with Google+, I just read about Google Games that might be launching inside Google+ (but I hope that’s not going to happen).

      Thanks a lot for your comment.


  4. sanjay says:

    Jens, Great tutorial about the Google+! Glad you had time for vacation, not like me lol.
    Learned a new Google+ tips today, thanks!

    • jens says:

      Hi Sanjay,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great vacation. I always take the time for vacation, even though I might not have any money for it. If I don’t have money, I just do what I always do, and sleep in a tent 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment.


  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Jens
    Thanks for the guide. It took me a while to figure out how to tag people, but you explain it great. In fact instead of using @ you can also use the + sign eg. +Jens-Petter Berget it works the same way.

    • jens says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Wow, I didn’t know about the + sign, but being Google+, that makes a lot of sense 🙂

      Thanks a lot.

      Hope you’re having a great summer in Denmark. Most of my friends are in Denmark right now, some are in Ebeltoft.


      • Thomas says:

        I guess it is smart to let it work with the @ sign as well to make it easy for Twitter users.
        I am enjoying my summer in Denmark, in fact I was in Ebeltoft just last week 🙂

        Hope you and you family is alright up in Norway after all the crazy stuff that has happen up there. I still can understand how one guy can get away with that. So sad…

        • jens says:

          I have been to Ebeltoft one time, and I really liked it. I have always enjoyed our trips to Denmark. Awesome country 🙂

          The terror in Norway was horrific. We’re still talking about it all the time. I can’t understand how a person can do something like that.


  6. Bill Dorman says:

    I know how to create the and put people in circles……….yay. I really haven’t spent a lot of time with it but guessing I better hop on at some time.

    I will keep this post as a guide to get me going.

    Glad you made it back and are all refreshed. Do you see Google + taking away from your twitter/blogging time?

    • jens says:

      Hi Bill,

      It’s great that you’ll keep this short post as a guide.

      When it comes to Google +, I have no idea if it will have any impact on what I do on Twitter and Blogging. I guess it’s too early to tell. But, I don’t think that it will, at least not when it comes to blogging. I don’t spend much time on Twitter, even though I have plans to use Twitter more. Now I’m just retweeting and saying thank you to the people who are sharing my posts 🙂

  7. Adrienne says:

    Welcome home Jens, so glad you had a wonderful time and made it home safely. Hope you’ll be sharing a post with us soon about your time out in the wilderness.

    Okay, so I’m STILL behind in learning all of this. I just haven’t had time to get on there let alone figure all this out. I did figure out the circles though, that I do know how to do. So glad you wrote this post and shared with me how to do the rest of this. I promise to get over there soon and start participating. Really!

    Thanks Jens, I needed to know this.


    • jens says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      I have only started to learn about G+, and this was what I really needed to learn first. To me, knowing who I am talking to is the most important part of social media, and now that I know, I can start experimenting 🙂


  8. roro says:

    Thanks for this very useful post, Jens. It’s never too early to get a head start on Google+, even if it’s still in the trial stage. I’m still messing with it to find out how to take advantage of its current features. So far, so good.

  9. Maninder says:

    Tagging and filtering are nice to have features in Google+. Thanks for sharing such a detailed info on these.

    • jens says:

      Hi Maninder,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. To me, tagging and filtering is the most important feature of social media… because I see so much crap out there, and I would love people to start filtering what they share 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment. It means a lot to me.


  10. peter says:

    Hey jens

    Thanks and i highly appreciate that the way teach through your blog well i had learn how to use Google++ thanks for sharing.

    • jens says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’m going to add new tutorials about Google+ fairly soon, I just have to learn more about it first 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the comment.


  11. Ana says:

    Welcome back, Jens!

    You can also tag someone by using “+” sign.

    What I also love about it is the fact that you can tag anyone, whether you are connected with them or not. Pretty neat.


    • jens says:

      Hi Ana,

      Thanks a lot. I’m at a restaurant right now, eating pizza. So, it still sort of feels like vacation.

      I just discovered the + sign, but I had no idea that we can tag anyone. That’s very interesting. But, my first thought is what about spam?

      Thanks a lot for your comment.


  12. sander says:

    wow i think google+ has some really great features that people would enjoy! i would love to consider creating an account on google+ as soon as possible

  13. Jassel Uljer says:

    Yes sander, Google is totally great, you can search any what you want to find, that’s why many people they love Google…

  14. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, Welcome back from your vacation! Wow, you got up to speed quickly by not only embracing Google+, but also giving us a tutorial on ways to use it. Well done.

    Ana has a great point. I’m not sure how enjoyable the tagging will be when spammers get ahold of the concept, but Google seems very ready to shut down accounts so maybe it won’t be an issue?

    I really like how easy it is to add people to circles and confine what you share to certain groups. This is much easier than Facebook and might cut down on the clutter in your stream.

    So glad you’re back and had a wonderful and restorative holiday. 🙂

    • jens says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      It seems that I have missed several years, just being offline for a short time 🙂

      I am looking at how people are using G+, and it’s very interesting, and I have a lot to learn. The problem though, is should we keep learning new types of social media, or should we just become experts on one or two? I can’t imagine that I’ll be using both Facebook and G+ and Twitter… or who knows, maybe I will 🙂


  15. Tim says:

    Interesting post I didn’t realize the difference between tag and a filter. Also, I am just getting started with a facebook account for my business would you recommend a Google+ now as well or wait a while?

    • jens says:

      Hi Tim,

      I recommend that you start using G+ for your personal account, so you’ll get to know how it works. They haven’t released their business and brands update yet… so we need to wait a short while in order to start promoting our businesses. But, I believe that G+ will have a major impact on businesses in just a few months.

      Let me know if you need an invite.


  16. jens says:

    That’s great. Thanks a lot for stopping by, and I hope to see you around 🙂


  17. olatoun-graceny says:

    Oh thanks for this tutorial I ve wondering what google + was all about now I know!!!.

  18. Sreejan says:

    Really needful articles, thanks for sharing.Thumbs up Bro 🙂

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