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Help! Switching from Google Reader to what?

I know, I should have seen this day coming a long time ago. Google Reader is closing on 1. July, and even though I heard the news several months ago, I haven’t done anything about it. And, now it’s only a few more days until I need a new way to read blogs.

google reader alternatives

I have written about how I read blog posts┬ábefore, and since I’ve been using Reeder (for my Mac, iPhone and iPad), I’ve been 100% satisfied with what I’ve got. My first thought was that I want a service that’s compatible with Reeder, and so far, that’s Fever and Feedbin. But, I’m not sure if that’s how I should be thinking or not.

I will still be using the RSS technology to read blogs, and I will continue to read the same blogs (and add new blogs every week), but what service should I be using? I want to be able to read from my iPhone and from my iPad (I just bought a new iPad mini).

At the moment, I’m looking at six alternatives to Google Reader:

I don’t have much time for testing, so I’d love to get your opinion? Are you using any of the RSS readers above? What do you suggest I do?

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