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Did my switch to Disqus benefit you, in any way?

I’ve been writing about blog comments for a long time. The reason I continue, is that I believe blog comments is still one of the most important parts of driving traffic to my blog and how I am building strong relationships.

It takes a lot of time to do it right though. We need to add value to each comment, and we should comment on relevant blogs, blogs that are similar to ours. I don’t have that much time at the moment, so I am commenting less now, and I am not spending that much time trying to find new interesting blogs, that’s all in the past. And, this is part of the reason why I switched to Disqus.

disqus - switch

At the moment, I’m focusing on writing and creating content, trying to be creative. There’s one important reason why I am still commenting on blogs. It’s not so much about the traffic anymore, and it’s not related to SEO. I want comments on my posts as well, it’s not just about building relationships and connecting with like-minded people, but I really enjoy feedback on my thoughts and my writing. That’s how I get better at it.

The switch

I have written about different blog commenting systems before. I have been thinking about switching from CommentLuv Premium for a long time. It was a hard decision though. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I’m still a fan. It was just taking up so much of my time to get things right.

I decided to switch when I visited Tim Bonner’s blog last week, and read why he switched to Disqus – it was the same reason why I was thinking about making the switch.

Spam is increasing. Hundreds of broken links. And, in the end I discovered that I could remove five plugins, and still get all the benefits by just installing Disqus.

Looking at what Tim had done, I considered myself to be ready for the switch to Disqus. It worked great on Tim’s blog, and his experience with the switch made me do it the same day.

The only problems I experienced switching from CommentLuv Premium to Disqus, was exporting all the comments from WordPress. It took a long time and I received errors every time I tried to do the export. I ended up doing it manually. It didn’t take much time at all. The installation and setup, was very easy, anyone can do it. The export and import is suppose to go more or less automatic, but like I said, I had some problems with it.

In the end, including the problems, I don’t think I used more than 30 minutes on everything, from installing, the setup, to finishing importing all the previous comments into Disqus.

Why the switch to Disqus was important

I want to spend my time being productive and creating, moving forward with my inital goals, making a dent in the universe. I don’t want to spend my time with technical issues on my blog, or trying to make Google happy, since they’ve been giving me a hard time lately.

Comments are important, and they’ll continue to be important “forever”, because there are real people connecting with me. No matter what business you’re in, it’s always focused on people. Hence, commenting is one very important aspect of blogging.

Disqus makes it easy to comment. At the same time, you need to register (I’m not allowing guest comments) to comment. That made me think about if switching was a good idea or not. I don’t want to force my readers to register, and I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to comment. But, by not making people register (or use their social media profiles to comment), I was afraid that I’d end up with massive spam; one of the reasons why I switched to Disqus in the first place.

Now, things are just working. Suddenly, I don’t have any spam. I don’t have any broken links from the comments. And, I can focus on the reason why I am blogging.

The good and the bad

The good:

The bad:

I still haven’t figured out if comments are backed up to my blog, or if everything is just available inside Disqus. So, there are some issues I need to solve. But, in the end, I’m feeling that the move to Disqus has been a good one.

Your opinion about Disqus

What’s your opinion of Disqus? Did my switch benefit you, in any way?

48 responses to “Did my switch to Disqus benefit you, in any way?”

  1. Lisa Buben says:

    Hi Jens, I’m working on a post now about this – as I read Tim’s post too and am wondering whether to make the switch or not. Would you mind if I quote you from this post? The exporting and important comments scares me a little. And I love Andy Bailey so almost hate to leave his comment system. It sure is a tough decision! Thanks for sharing your experience with it with us Jens.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have been thinking about the switch for a long time too, and one of the reasons I didn’t want to do it at first, was because of Andy Bailey. I really love what he is doing, and it feels bad to switch to a different system. At the same time, it felt like the right time to do it.

      It wasn’t hard to export and import the comments, it was the only thing that took some time to figure out though. Feel free to quote me 🙂

  2. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Jens

    Disqus looks great on your blog Jens! I haven’t got the Discovery section to show anything at the bottom of the comments yet.

    I had some issues with exporting comments to Disqus initially but it was to do with my caching plugin and Cloudflare. Once I’d turned them off and tried the export again it worked fine. I then turned the caching and CDN back on.

    With regard to the sync back to WordPress, if you see the Disqus comments appearing in your WordPress dashboard or in All Comments then the sync is working. If you don’t then it isn’t.

    I used the WP Crontrol plugin to set up a cron job which will run the sync every 10 minutes. That gets around the fact that I have WP Super Cache and Cloudflare installed on my blog.

    I’m trying out the guest commenting feature to see if that brings any problems but so far none. I have even set Disqus to require no pre-moderation!

    The main benefit I’ve seen so far is that the comments I’m receiving are consistently higher in quality – no one-liners. People aren’t commenting because they want a backlink but because they feel compelled to.

    I also had a trackback from Marketing Land the other day when I published my post about Disqus as they’d linked to it in one of their roundup posts.

    We’ve made the switch for all the right reasons Jens. Thank you for linking to my blog post!

  3. Jens,
    I haven’t read Tim’s post yet but I am going to as soon as I comment here. I may change my opinion after I read his article but (as it stands now) there are two major reasons why I use CommentLuv Premium.

    My number one reason is that visitors do not have to log on to leave a comment. Sure, a lot of the bloggers (possibly the majority) who leave comments for us are experienced enough to already have profiles on Disqus (or are willing to register) but what about newbies? I work very hard to try to not write only for experienced bloggers. My goal is to share current trends and information that could help new and experienced bloggers alike. Often, questions from new bloggers help me to decide what topics I should be addressing and what needs to be explained in more detail.

    Reason number two is the CommentLuv community. When I visit a blog that’s using CommentLuv, I can quickly recognize many of the bloggers who I already trust and respect. That saves me a lot of time looking for new content. Sure, I subscribe to a handful of big name resources to stay up to date (Moz and SearchEngineLand pop into mind) but when I land on a CL site, I can often quickly find valuable posts to learn from and share. As a bonus, I get new readers all the time who find me through the CommentLuv link that I leave.

    I never rule anything out completely and if I ever do decide to switch commenting systems, Disqus is the front runner. Please continue to keep up posted and I’ll hop over to Tim’s blog now. Thanks!

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I agree with both of your arguments for using CommentLuv Premium. I know that Tim is testing guest commenting on Disqus, and that it’s working great for him. I’ll probably open up for guest comments as well, but I have to be more familiar with Disqus before I do.

      The CommentLuv is awesome, and the same goes for Andy Bailey, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to do the switch at first. But, I was having major problems with both spam and especially with broken links in the comments. The broken links are all my fault, I accepted every single comment when I started using CommentLuv, and now it was taking up most of my time to clean things up.

      I’ll keep you posted about my experience with Disqus.

      Thanks for your comments Sherryl.

      • Jens,
        There’s no question that cleaning up CommentLuv links is a huge time waster. It’s not just letting spam slip through in the first place. Once you clean those up, you still need to go back through those links regularly to ensure that they’re still pointing to legitimate blogs and aren’t either broken or pointing to spammy sites.

        It’s been about a year and a half now since I got whacked hard by Google algorithm changes. (I still haven’t recovered from the loss of traffic.) It was my own fault for not having a process in place for addressing old links. One thing that was causing me a lot of issues was the fact that domain names change hands. A lot of abandoned blogs are now parked with domain registrars like GoDaddy. Those links aren’t broken but they point to spammy pages riddled with AdSense ads. Thankfully, I cleaned my comments up enough to avoid the Google penalties for unnatural links.

        I totally understand why bloggers are moving away from CommentLuv. I could very well throw in the towel and join you all some day. 🙂

        • That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing Sherryl. I got hit hard by Google as well, and I wasn’t experienced enough to understand why. It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was, and now that I know it was due to all the spammy links and the broken links, I have been working hard to find them and remove them.

          It’s a job I’d keep doing, if I just had more time. I need to focus on what’s fun and what’s keep me going right now, and writing and connecting with people is what I need to keep doing. The technical things on my blog is something I can’t work on as much as before, and the same goes for removing all the bad links.

          I’ve been looking at different service lately, and I believe @timbonner:disqus is using a fairly new one that I’ve been looking at. I might join him if he recommends it.

        • Hi Jens, I’m replying to Sherryl’s comment because she and I are on the same page (except I already read Tim’s blog post). I get a lot of traffic from people who discover my blog through CommentLuv links. I also visit blogs when I see their links on comments on other blog posts.

          I also get a lot of commenters who don’t have blogs and are new to tech. The idea of making them register to comment just doesn’t sit will with me. Like Sherryl, I get a lot of ideas for blog topics from the newbies who have questions.

          But I am very frustrated by all of the spammy comments and broken links. That’s a time waster but something I’ll have to endure in order to keep using CL.

          I also have found links that go to spammy sites. One former blogger used her name in her URL and now, well let’s just say she wouldn’t be pleased with how her name is being used.

          Good luck with Disqus, Jens. I hope it works well for you and Tim!

          • Hi Carolyn,

            I understand and especially since it’s important to get comments from people new to blogging and commenting on blogs. I might open up to guest comments soon, I just need to get more information about the experience with it from others. I know Tim has enabled guest comments.

            I also got a penalty from Google from all the spammy links and broken links in my comments, and I’m trying to get some of my traffic back.

          • Carolyn,
            Are you able to install Andy’s Anti Backlinker plugin? (You need a license for the premium version of CommentLuv to install it.) That works like a charm. If you’re willing to deny all comments from visitors without Gravatars, you will get very little (if any) spam.

            I realize that a lot of newbies may not have Gravatars. If you wanted to allow them to comment, you could set it so that comments without a Gravatar go immediately into moderation but you will still have to deal with them.

  4. Hey Tim,

    It’s great to make the switch at the same time as you, this way we’re going through the experience together. It feels a lot safer.

    I’m seeing my new comments in “all comments”, so I guess everything is ok then. Thanks, I thought I had to keep adjusting things and add the cron job and things I really don’t know much about.

    I am not using Cloudflare, is that a service you recommend?

    • Tim Bonner says:

      It sounds as though the sync is working just fine Jens :-).

      I use the free version of Cloudflare and the thing I love about it most is that it makes me site so much faster.

      They have a feature called Rocket Loader which helps the load time immensely on my blog. Something like 5 seconds quicker with it on!

      The problem with it though is that the Rocket Loader doesn’t work for all sites as it can conflict with some themes. I used to have that problem with Pagelines DNS but not with Genesis.

      I would definitely recommend it but you would then need to mess around with the Disqus sync I suspect.

      • That’s very interesting Tim. I’ve been adjusting things on my blog for awhile now, and it’s faster than it’s ever been before. I just tested it on Pingdom and it loads faster than 1 sec, and I’m very satisfied with that.

        I’ll take a closer look at Cloudflare to see if it can help me in any way. Thanks. I’m always looking to improve.

  5. Bren ;) says:

    Great post Jens! I like when Tim switched over and glad to see you giving it a run too. I didn’t like using Disqus on my WordPress blogs in the past but I can see some great benefits to it IF it reduces spam and broken links. I might just give it a run on my author site to see how I like it. I know when I switched from wp default comments & using CommentLuv to wp free comments, some folks didn’t like that. I know there are many who don’t like Disqus either but hey, blog owners have to do what is best for them to minimize all the technical aspects of a blog. You can spend hours a week with all the “behind the scene” maintenance.

    Looking forward to see how Disqus works for you! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Bren,

      So far, it has reduced spam to 0 and I don’t have any broken links either. But, I’ve just switched, so I’m looking forward to see what the future will bring.

      I haven’t experienced any problems after I switched, and now as I’m logged in, it’s very easy to follow up with comments and keep the conversations alive.

  6. Janet Fouts says:

    I’ve been using Disqus for years and it’s pretty solid. Still get spam but not as much as some of my other sites that don’t use it.

  7. Josh says:

    I haven’t used DISQUS on my blogs in a few years now but I have played around with going back. Every time I switch systems I run into a few issues but I figure that comes with the territory.

  8. Chuck Bartok says:

    Great comments and the arguments all make sense. Maybe we are just “not Big enough to worry” but we have less than .1% spam.
    Traffic is only 250-350 a day and Akismet has blocked 33,000 spam and our broken link detector show up only about once a week.
    Probably should keep Comment Love Pro for a while?

    • Hi Chuck,

      I probably wouldn’t have made the switch, maybe not even considered it, if I didn’t have problems with spam and broken links. CommentLuv Pro is an awesome system, it just took me a long time to understand that I needed to follow up the links and not allow every single comment on my blog. That’s what started it all. I guess I was just happy to receive a comment, and I was naive. Now, several years later, I was paying the price.

  9. UnveiltheWeb says:

    Hi Jens,

    I’m new to your blog!

    I have been using DISQUS for about two years and I LOVE it! I have found that it has its own eco system and that people actually come to my site from DISQUS where you can preview posts of people that you follow there.

    I have been fortunate to build a nice following.

    If you log into your account on the website, you can set it up so that people can post as guests. I set it up easily and quickly and there are folks who use it all the time.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    ~ Don Purdum

  10. Hi Don,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I just read that @timbonner:disqus, who inspired me to make the switch, has enabled that people can post as guests. From what I can see on his blog, it looks like it’s working ok. What’s your experience with it? I was thinking that it might be a lot more spam if you open up for guest comments.

    • UnveiltheWeb says:

      Hi Jens,

      I have had zero problems with spam in two years. Some of my articles get well over hundred comments within a few weeks. You do have to click it and put in your email address and name so that might cut down on it a lot. Not sure why, but I have had no spam and I’m pretty grateful for that. Since it’s not a traditional form so to speak perhaps that is what prevents it? I never really thought about it until now to be honest.

  11. Hi Jens,
    Disqus is just about everywhere I look. Tim Bonner has made the change and so many more of my blogging buddies. Right now I have CommentLuv Premium, but the more I read about the advantages of Disqus, the more I’m thinking about a change.

    Thanks for this great explanaiton how Disqus works. I especially like the part about less broken links! Yikes…I am constantly cleaning them on my blog.


    • Hi Donna,

      It’s great to see you again. I agree with you, a lot of people have switched to Disqus lately, and I decided to do it after I discovered that Tim had switched. I had thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t really want to make the switch because I really like CommentLuv Premium. Like you, I was constantly cleaning broken links on my blog and I just had to stop.

  12. Hi Jens,

    Sorry for being late here this time, but glad I made it 🙂

    Yes, isn’t this the hot topic of discussion – which is the best commenting system!? And I think most of us have tried a few of them before settling with the one we like or then tried and tested different ones.

    I have absolutely NO problems with your new one, and Discus is wonderful except for the slow loading time, that’s just one issue I faced long back when I had and then I switched to CommentLuv. Just as Carolyn and Sherryl mentioned, it’s got lots of benefits and if you get a few new visitors from the links you leave at other blogs, nothing like it.

    However, to deal with the number of spam and worst still, the broken links is cumbersome! Moreover, there is not just one plugin that solves the broken link issue, because if you check out a few more online, you’d always see a huge number of pending broken links even on those, so you really wonder if it’s worth having CommentLuv at all.

    That’s one major reason I’ve removed it presently while I’m trying out various commenting system, just as I had mentioned earlier and would soon be writing about my finding.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      I don’t know how long I’ve been thinking about which is the best commenting system, I’ve been asking the question in social media as well, and I have received a lot of different answers. I’m still not sure, but I decided to give Disqus a try, due to all the difficulties I have been having lately.

      I feel it’s a lot safer now that Tim also switched, it feels great to have someone to talk to, if I get into trouble 🙂

  13. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    Well I just read Tim’s and of course shared my own views on his blog so I’ll be sure to let you know as well.

    So the title of your post is did Disqus benefit me in any way and my answer is no. Please let me explain and it’s not because I’m such a big CommentLuv Premium supporter still.

    The only reason I signed up with Disqus in the first place was to comment on my friends blogs who were using it. Back then you couldn’t comment as a guest and there were plenty of people using is so I felt it was in my best interest. BUT, I don’t use it personally so I’m not creating an account and doing all the behind the scenes stuff others are doing. So what that means is you’ll respond to my comment and I’ll never know it. I guess only people using Disqus now will be the ones sharing their thoughts with you because I’m not coming back each time to see if you responded.

    I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with spam but with all the comments I get on my blog I have no spam. That’s right, I have NO spam and the settings are not hard at all.

    As far as the broken links, I stay on top of those and although they can be overwhelming at times I guess I just prefer giving my commenters a little love so that’s my issue to deal with and for the last several months it’s really been under control. Hardly any at all.

    I know that people would prefer to spend their time doing other things and trust me, that’s your choice. You have to do what’s best for you and I totally understand that. Unfortunately, this isn’t what’s best for me.

    I wish you and Tim the best of luck with this system and I do hope that you benefit from it like you have hoped.

    Enjoy your week Jens and I still love ya.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      I read your comment at Tim’s post, and I understand what you’re saying. I agree with you, and at the same time, I have been having so many issues that it’s taking up most of my time online. I know I could probably get rid of the spam issue if I just did everything right with the plugin, but the biggest issue was the broken links. It was all my fault, because I accepted every single comment for years. I had no idea that it would be a big deal, but now that I started to clean up everything, it was close to impossible to do it on my own. It’s not CommentLuv Premium’s fault, it’s all my own.

      I’ll enable guest comments in a few days, this way it’ll be easier to comment on my blog.

      Like Tim said, you can get notification on email if you enable it in the settings, inside Disqus. I get notifications, and it works great.

      Thank you for your comment and all your support Adrienne, time will show if switching was the right choice or not.

  14. Dash Kitten in NZ says:

    I am assuming your blog gets many more hits than those of us small timers 😉 hence the spam issue – right? I do not like Disqus, finding it cumbersome, it needs registration and, sometimes, it doesn’t want to work at all. If I see a blog with it, I do not comment unless there is something there I ‘really’ want to comment on.

    It may be a tech/internet focused thing – pet blogging (our niche) does not use it much and as our audience IS more niche we use CommentLuv – it allows us to respond rapidly to comments, and keep track of the work colleagues and friends are doing in our field.

    I have a feeling Disqus would make a huge positive difference if it was widely adopted – making it easier to use (?).

    • Thanks for your feedback. I haven’t experienced anything bad with Disqus yet, but I know about the registration issue, even though I can enable guest comments (I might do this in a few days, I just need a bit more experience with Disqus first).

      I have heard that it can be fairly slow as well, and that might become an issue for me, but so far it’s not something I’ve noticed.

      I really enjoy the tag feature, which means that I can tag and notify other people who comment inside different comments and replies, this way it’s easier to have a high quality conversation.

  15. deeannr says:


    I use Comment Luv Premium and have always loved it. I have not been blogging very regular recently as I have had a lot of stuff going on off line but I have always loved Comment Luv Premium and still do.

    I agree with Adrienne. I have not had lots of problems with spam in my comments and I do not like to have to login in order to leave a comment. I also like to know when someone replys to my comments. Since I am not using all of what Disqus has to offer I don’t think I will receive notification as I will not be loging in on a regular basis.

    I will have to look into this more before I make my final decision but for the present I will be staying with Comment Luv Premium. I will also go over and read Tim’s post after leaving this comment.

    Dee Ann

    • Hi Dee Ann,

      I still have only good things to say about CommentLuv Premium, but I was spending too much time adjusting and tweaking things to get it right, and I was having major problems with broken links. I was the one to blame, because I have been naive and didn’t check all comments, I just accepted them. Now, several years later, it’s close to impossible to fix everything, especially with the bad links.

      So far, Disqus has been great, but I’ve been using it less than a week.

      I believe that you can get a notification on email when someone replies to your comments. You need to enable it inside the settings in Disqus.

      Thanks for your comment Dee Ann.

  16. Carol Amato says:

    Hi Jens,

    There is a big shift among industry leaders to switch to commenting plugins/platforms that allow social sharing, so I’m happy for you that you made the switch.

    I switched this year to Disqus as well, and you’re right – a con is there is not a 100% guarantee that all comments will transfer over when switching if your blog is already established.

    I was willing to endure lost comments in order to step up to a plugin that attracts less spammy people and one that attracted folks who have a mindset to build relationships, and not get something out of it (back-link seekers), and one with social sharing!

    BEFORE I used Disqus for my own site, I created an account with Disqus, set up a profile (only took 3 minutes).


    – I cared about my fellow bloggers and wanted to be able to log in as a user, not a guest to comment on their sites.

    – I wanted to have notifications of replies.

    – I wanted to understand what my followers were using as well as other bloggers I follow on a regular basis.

    – Yes, I wanted my brand URL on Disqus which benefits me as well.

    Then, I did make the switch because I wanted to filter out fly-by-night back-link seekers and also make sure someone had the purpose to comment, which signing in would not hinder.

    Anyone but the biggest whiner will be willing to sign in to leave a comment if they are TRULY wanting to build a relationship, and are interested in giving instead of getting.

    I get it – it is annoying initially to have to sign in somewhere to make a comment, but I’m seeing this more and more so it’s more secure, less spammy and guarantees a valid email (especially the ones that allow signing in with Twitter, etc.)

    There are many commenting plugins that require sign in, Disqus, Google Plus, Facebook, and others. Sign in also cuts down on the invalid demographic information provided in order to try to leave a back link, which Disqus eliminates from the get-go.

    What do I like about Disqus?

    – I wanted true followers only (didn’t care if comments went down in number because quality to me is much more important – I’m not seeking vanity numbers). I wonder if things would change on blogs with high comments if they switched to a plugin that doesn’t allow back links….would truly reveal the relationship factor and quality comments they really had.

    – It’s a free WordPress plugin

    – You sign in once, and that’s it, unless you clear cache every night

    – Nestled comments, very easy to follow

    – You can “like” a comment, similar to Facebook (votes up or down)

    – Mobile friendly

    – RSS feed

    – Related posts show up at bottom

    – Commenters receive an email in their Inbox, which brings me a LOT of traffic, Disqus is the highest traffic source after Google organic traffic in my Google Analytics.

    – Best of all, social sharing with Facebook and Twitter. I can actually Tweet someones comment – with a link back to my blog post = POWERFUL!

    Those are just a few things, there are more…

    I did like CommentLuv, but like Disqus better for the above reasons.

    Every one is different and has unique likes, that’s what makes the world a beautiful place. 🙂

    By the way, I always reward my commenters by heading over to their site to check out their content and also leave a comment for them, so it can be a rich relationship building tool.

    Thanks for your article, the answer is, yes!

    – Carol Amato

  17. Hi Carol,

    I had no idea about the big shift among industry leaders, I guess I was lucky, and Tim inspired me to make the switch. It seems that you have a long experience with Disqus and that’s very helpful to me. I’m still very new to it, but so far, the only spam I have received has been caught by Disqus and the comments (so far) has been of very high quality.

    Like you said, I’m making the switch to Disqus to connect with people on a higher level and build relationships via comments and good content. I want to be helpful and it’s so much easier to be helpful when the only thing I need to think about is content and not all the “technical difficulties” I have been dealing with lately.

    By the way, are you allowing guest comments on your blog?


    • Carol Amato says:

      Hi Jens,

      Good deal! 🙂

      Yes, I do allow guest comments, but anything with a link (though very rare) gets sent to moderation.

      There are pros and cons with everything but in my opinion, this commenting system is head and shoulders above the ones that allow back links.

      I’m filtering out the kind of people that are searching for dofollow blogs. Don’t need them. Quality is more important than quantity, in my opinion.

      Have a great day.
      – Carol

  18. Hey Jens, I just realized something about your Disqus comments (as I seem to be peppering your blog with comments this morning). It used to be whenever I left a comment here at Sly Marketing I would get a Google Alert about The Wonder of Tech. Google was clearly indexing your comments, which was great for you but unusual as that didn’t happen with other CL blogs I visited.

    Now that you have Disqus I don’t get those notices from Google so perhaps your comments aren’t being indexed any more?

    It would be interesting to see in GA whether you are having a drop in Google search traffic since adopting Disqus because your comments are no longer being indexed?

    • Hey Carolin,

      That’s very interesting. I had no idea that my comments were indexed by Google, even though I had read that it was possible. I haven’t checked my stats in a long time, but I’ll analyze them later this week and I’ll let you know.

      Thanks for the feedback Carolyn. This is a very interesting observation.

  19. Carol Amato says:


    What a wonderful idea, I’ve got to start doing that on Disqus! 🙂 Thanks for the great tip!

    Ciao Ciao
    – Carol

  20. Joy Healey says:

    Hi Jens

    I’m new to your blog, but was attracted by the title because I have been reading Tim’s blog and was a little startled to see him switch.

    It’s a tough decision! I don’t get a lot of spam, but what I DO get is GOOD comments being marked as spam which was a pain, but now I just know to watch out for them and unspam them.

    Broken links aren’t (much of) a problem for me because I use a plugin that checks for broken links every so often and emails me when it finds them – so each time I log into my blog I can see if there are any broken links and fix them – usually no more than one or two, so it never gets out of hand.

    Another thing I like with CommentLuv is that I can direct the reader to look at a particular post if relevant, don’t see that I could do that with Disqus.

    I mostly used to ignore commenting systems that made me login (unless I really wanted to say something!), but when I saw Tim was using it I logged in again because I like Tim’s blog.

    No pressing reasons to leave CommentLuv at the moment – but I’ll keep an eye on how it all goes.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a great comment. I agree, Tim’s blog is awesome and I keep learning from him all the time.

      I have a good feeling about Disqus. It’s a little early to say, but things are going great at the moment.

      I’d love to know the name of the plugin you are using to find broken links. I haven’t found one that worked for me.

  21. Hi Jens, I’m not a big fan of 3rd party commenting systems but I
    totally understand your frustration. I went as far as switching to G+
    comments for a while but that just made it tougher to find the spam
    already left on my blog. I’ve sinced moved back to WordPress and
    CommentLuv and have no plans of changing any time soon. It just seems
    like we’re making it tougher for real readers to connect with us.
    Here’s one thing I see a lot on Disqus but it is cool you can add pics.

    • Hi Brian,

      Yes, that pictures seems familiar. There are many reasons why I should have stayed with WordPress and CommentLuv, but it was taking up a lot of my time and I didn’t feel that I was moving forward at all. Now, things are going better, at least for now, and I’ll see what’ll happen with Disqus. It wasn’t hard work to move everything over from my “old” system, so I guess it might not be that hard to move back.


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