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Suspended account

My website has been offline for almost a week. This is due to spam complaints from my host Linksky. I received an email last sunday regarding that I have been sending unsolicited e-mail to a lot of people.

People who know me, knows that I would never do such a thing. When the spam was sent, I was actually on a short vacation. My account was suspended, and I couldn´t access my site or my e-mail.

I sent them an e-mail explaining that I couldn´t have sent the spam. I never heard anything. Then I sent another one, telling them the same thing. I never heard anything. But today, I sent the third e-mail. A few minutes later I received information about my account being back online.

The reason for the spamming was that someone had been using my contact form (on the website) to send spam. I changed the passwords on the site and to my e-mail, then I removed the contact form.

Today, everything is back to normal. The forum is also up and running.

2 responses to “Suspended account”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    I’d imagine with all the banning of good sites they’ve been doing lately, that they won’t be able to deliver like they have been in the past. Don’t worry though, you can get unbanned if you email them and they check it out. If you have any ideas of why you could have been banned, stop it even if it could be ok, and then tell them you’ve stopped.

  2. omnipend says:

    I have contacted them, a few days ago. I am looking forward to read their answer.

    Hopefully they will have a detailed description of why I have been banned, and not the general e-mail I received.

    So far, I have no clue why I have been banned. Not sure if I can get banned if one of my visitors clicks a lot on my adsense ads? I have heard some rumors that some people have been banned due to some regular visitors clicking a lot.

    Google might then think that you have told “friends” to click on your ads. If this is the case, then it´s really easy to destroy someones income.

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