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The Surfing Technique

This is a story and a detailed description on how I started to generate massive traffic to my sites by combining free software and great free tools.

When I first started with Internet marketing in early 2000, I posted to FFA’s, I tried clicking on traffic exchanges, and I submitted to search engines. It should be no surprise to you that none of this really worked for me. When I started I didn’t know what to do, I just started out the way I thought was the best and the cheapest.

Later on, after spending hours a day, reading, clicking, and whatever it took, I found a new method that was actually free and sent a lot of unique visitors to my sites. This technique was something I just stumbled onto a late night searching for a great new and cheap marketing technique.

Before I explain it to you, I will first tell you about another marketing technique I first used. This technique can be named “The Numbers Game”. This was actually what it was all about, and this is what many think marketing on the Internet is all about. In my opinion this is not true. “The numbers game” is all about quantity. If you get thousands of visitors to your sites, you are bound to get sales. One of the first businesses I was involved in used this technique. The affiliates signed up for 12 marketing programs, posting your ads thru these programs sent your message to tens of thousands of people every single day. It did cost about $120 a month, and the results were a few sales and a lot of complaints.

When you send messages to that many people every day, you will get a lot of messages in return. These are messages of complaints of spam or mostly messages of counter marketing (or you could call “reverse marketing”). I received hundreds of email every day of people sending me their ads, just because they received ads from me. It was not a big problem for me with all the e-mail, I filtered them and just deleted most of them. The problem was the spam complaints.

It became a fact to me that among the 12 companies, a few of them did not do things right. They sent my ads to people who never had asked to receive ads and therefore they got quite upset. After about 6 months doing this, I decided it was the time to stop. I didn’t like to answer complaints almost every single day. I wanted to be creative and not spend my time thinking about all the complaints I might get. If you send your ads to tens of thousands of people (it’s not difficult, just pay and play), very often you will get complaints and usually the people you are sending your e-mails to just trash them. What you really want is quality traffic; it doesn’t matter if you just get your message out to just a few people, as long as they are the right people.

Phase one
After my experience with e-mail marketing, I decided to try traffic exchanges. I joined between five and ten exchanges, all for free. I started to click and click and click. The reason I joined more than one, is that I figured out that different people were members of different exchanges, and to reach as many people as possible, I tried several exchanges. The exchanges I joined were just a few names I picked up from my contacts online. After clicking and clicking and clicking, without any good results, I thought I’d do something creative. I found a script that would actually get hits at the traffic exchanges automatically. This sounded great and I tried this a few months, but I didn’t get any more/better quality visitors to my sites by using this technique. So, I figured that traffic exchanges were not the way to go.

Phase two
I thought about what to do next. Quitting was not an option. I paid even for more services, sending my ads to safelists and to leads that I bought. E-mail marketing is difficult; you have to be a really good copywriter to get your e-mail opened, and an excellent copywriter to get your whole e-mail to be read. Sometimes my e-mails would get read, and sometimes not. It all depended on how good my messages were, and how good my headlines were. Most people wanting to be marketing online are not good copywriters, and that’s why as many as 95% fails at Internet marketing (the numbers varies). After yet another failure, paying various companies dollars for sending my ads to the masses, I thought enough was enough.

Phase three
In the beginning, from back in early 2000, I used Internet Explorer to surf the web. I didn’t really think about its qualities, because there was no other option (well, of course there was, but I didn’t know about it). After a few years in the business, and surfing the web more and more, I became more aware of my web browser and other software. After trying several web browsers, I didn’t find the browser I really felt comfortable with before I found Mozilla Firefox. This browser had all the options I lacked in Internet Explorer and it was quick and free. But what I realized was that it had another tool that I actually could use for my marketing efforts. It is called tabbed browsing.

Phase four
In Internet Explorer you need to open a new window of the browser (a new instance of the browser) every time you want a different site/page at the same time as your old site/page is visible. In Mozilla Firefox you only open a new tab inside the browser, this makes surfing on different sites at the same time a lot easier than earlier. Just click on ctrl and t (holding down ctrl and clicking t), and you will open new tabs.

Using Mozilla Firefox, I was surfing several sites at the same time. Waiting for one site to appear, I looked thru another one. After a while I thought, why can’t I use this technique on traffic exchanges?

Phase five
After years of experience since I started with Internet marketing, and months after starting with traffic exchanges, I had learned that the traffic exchanges that I first tried (automatically) was not good at all. That’s first and foremost due to the fact that you can cheat (like I tried). If you can cheat, there will always be others doing exactly the same. I did not look at any of the sites displayed to me; neither did many other people (I think). This is why my first try at traffic exchanges didn’t work at all. Today I know what exchanges that really works and what exchanges that don’t work at all. Using tabbed browsing I surf traffic exchanges at least ten times faster than I used to. Just open all the traffic exchanges in different tabs, click on one, then go to the next one, click on that one, go to the next one, click on that one, and so on.

This is not cheating; it is just a great technique.

With this technique I receive many signups every single day!

If not using this technique, but still using the best traffic exchanges, you will get visitors, but it will take you too much time. It only takes seconds of clicking before your first visitors arrives at your site. By using this technique, for example for 30 minutes a day, on just the top traffic exchanges, you will be guaranteed to get hundreds of real visitors to your site daily.

The technique explained
1. Download and install FIREFOX

2. Write or paste your first traffic exchange url in the browser, and hit enter. The first of your traffic exchanges will open.

3. Click on bookmarks in your utility bar (at the top), click on “bookmark this site”, then make new folder, call it traffic (or what you like). Be sure that you place your new traffic exchange in this new folder 1 . 1 You should bookmark the ”surf” site of the traffic exchange and not the index site. In other words, you need to bookmark the site where you get the credits for opening.

4. Now, write or paste your new Traffic Exchange URL at the top and click enter. And then add it to the same group as you did with the first one. Do this with all your traffic exchanges. Then click close on all of them when you are finished (close down all your windows/tabs at FIREFOX).

5. Now it’s time to start surfing. Click on bookmarks, then click on the group name, for example Traffic. You will see a list with all the traffic exchanges that you have added to FIREFOX. At the bottom of this list it says, “open in tabs”. Click on this. Then you’ll see that all your traffic exchanges will open up in different tabs.

6. Now, click on your first traffic exchange. Usually it will take between 15 and 30 seconds before you can click it again, but now as soon as you have clicked it, you can go to your next traffic exchange and click that one. I advise you to surf at least 8-10 different exchanges at a time, then you will get the most out of this technique. I have been making a lot of sales with this technique, now it’s your time!

Here you can find the list of the traffic exchanges that I use

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