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A sudden brilliant creative timely idea

I enjoy reading, sometimes I enjoy it more than anything. At times, when I read, I hear nothing, and I see only the text in the book I’m holding.

The noise, kids playing, whatever’s happening – nothing. Just me and the story I’m reading.

Well, not really, at least not anymore. It’s hard to find the time to read, and it’s almost impossible to read during all that’s happening. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Do you have kids? They’re a lot of fun, but wow, the noise they’re making. It’s still in my head hours after they’re asleep.

I continue to read, but it’s not just me and the story anymore. The reason I continue is because stories help me create fantasies and I enjoy dreaming.

Today I ordered another one, only four minutes after I read about the book for the first time. I wasn’t really going to buy a book, I was just spending a few minutes reading a blog post.

The book was recommended by Jan Geronimo (an outstanding blogger). I didn’t actually know this when I ordered the book, but he’s also one of the authors.

The authors, that’s the reason why I bought it. Well part of it. There are 27 authors, they’re bloggers from all over the world. They are writing about inspiration, that’s the other reason.

The book is Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers from All Over The World.

Sometimes when I buy books I get excited. Right now, I’m excited. I don’t know if I have anything to be excited about, but I’m excited.

Soon, I will tell you all about the book. If you’ve already read it, please share your thoughts.

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  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    This is a brilliant Idea I agree for what you said in here.. and this is really interesting page…

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