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The story of Patrick Moberg and the girl of his dreams

I thought I should give you an interesting story today, a story that you can learn a lot from. Most people might think of it as a true love story, but today I am going to tell you about the true marketing aspect of the story.

This is the story of Patrick Moberg, a rather ordinary web designer living in New York. He was ordinary, rather unknown (at least from what I have heard) until about a week ago. I think it was last sunday, when Patrick got a glimpse of a beautiful girl at the subway in New York. As I would imagine, the subway in New York was really crowded, and he did not get the chance to talk to her, even though he really wanted to… I am not sure if it was the crowd of people that stopped him, or if he just didn`t have the curage to do it, but anyway, he didn`t talk to her.

As soon as she was gone, he decided that he just had to meet her, and now the story get`s really interesting.

Patrick drew a picture of the girl, describing her and himself and he included his phone number (probably e-mail address as well), the time and date of the incident and so on. He asked for help to find her.

At first I thought that he plastered the drawing all over New York, but from what I understand now, he dedicated a web site to find her

… and from what I have read, it worked. He is going to meet the girl of his dreams, and maybe they have already met. I am not sure, but what will happen next? I don`t know, and I really don`t care. The reason I don`t care is that he is going to meet her, and that was what it was all about. Now, the rest is up to him. She might like him, she might not, who knows, maybe he doesn`t even like her?

The interesting part, if you think of the story as a tale of successful marketing, we need to ask the question, “Why did so many people help him and why did the media all over the world like this story and why did they publish it?”

Did Patrick Moberg do anything different, or is this the typical romantic Hollywood kind of story that we just need, and is this the reason why we just have to help him out?

In my mind, it`s all about emotions, emotions and emotions. We are all very aware of things related to the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc. As long as the marketing campaign relates directly to feelings, people are more likely to help out and to buy or join or what ever you want them to do.

The media knows this, and that`s why stories like this appear every day in the news. I am not saying stories exatly like this, but stories that we love to read, stories that we feel joy about when we read them, stories that we fear or even hate, as long as a person can relate the story to our feelings, we will do all kinds of stuff.

Think of it this way; two people come to talk to you about a new multi-level marketing scheme. One was a 20 year old really cool dude with a grin on his face, telling you that he had earned $100.000 from it, this opportunity was a once in the life time deal, and now it was your turn. The other person was a 18 year old orphan, telling you the sad story about how his parents died and how he never got an education and now he was hoping to earn money from a new very interesting company. He was really hoping that you would join in, because this was something he really believed would change his life for the better. Do you think you would join number 1 or number 2?

I hope you get my point, even though the examples might not be as good as I hope they would be. But that`s what happens when I write the post on a saturday evening, when I probably should be doing something completely different.

Anyway, I really admire Patrick Moberg for what he did and I hope that the girl of his dreams still is the girl of his dreams and that they will go all the way, nothing beats a happy ending.

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