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How I Stopped Putting things off

If I don’t plan how I am going to be shipping, I know that most likely, it won’t get done. I used to think that I could just put things off, and do it when I felt I had the time to deal with it. Or I could just put things off and do it when it was important enough. I know now, that this is not how it works.

I need to plan, and create a strategy of what I’m going to do, and I need to have a plan on how to reach the finish line. I plan my projects, and I plan my blog posts. I try to plan as much as possible. Sometimes, I don’t plan, but that’s also part of the plan.


One of my goals is to always be shipping. And, this is exactly what happened when I launched the vegetarian festival, and it was what happened when I published my two books:

I was going to do my best work possible, but no matter what, I was going to make it happen – nothing was going to stop me. That’s why things happen in my world.

I plan what I say yes to

One of the first things I needed to stop doing, was to say yes to everything. I really enjoy saying yes, and helping other people has been one of my main goals. But, when I say yes, it means that I am really saying no to whatever I was planning to do. Soon, after I launched my business as a solopreneur, I realized that I needed to have specific dreams and goals, and I needed to find ways to reach them – and everything should be based on working on what I was really passionate about.

When people ask me to do something, I look at my dreams and my goals, and the first thing I as myself is if I am saying yes, will it help me reach my dreams and goals? The other thing I have started doing, is that I add specific times during the week when I can be working on things not directly related to my dreams and goals.

I plan my days in details

The first thing I do every Monday morning, is to plan the week. I look at my calendar, and I look at my projects and all the tasks I need to prioritize. I plan as much as possible, both work, personal and family. I add my most important things to the calendar first. But, I only add time and date specific things to the calendar, everything else is added to Omnifocus.

I plan my quiet time

I have thought a lot about shutting my phone off, while I am working on something creative. And, I really think that I should be doing that more. I’m more creative and effective, when I don’t think about other things. On the other hand, I’m all alone, and I feel that I need to be there for my clients when they need me, not when I feel that I have the time for them.

That’s why I plan my quiet time. Usually, I go for a long walk, when I need to think different about things. And, usually I use the pomodoro technique and I check the phone when I am on a break. So, I have quiet time in chunks of 25 minutes.

That’s it. This is easy to remember, and the system works great for me. I plan what I say yes to, I plan every part of my day using my calendar (iCal) and Omnifocus, and I plan my quiet time, the time when I really need to be alone.

9 responses to “How I Stopped Putting things off”

  1. Kelly says:

    I think scheduling your quite time is an excellent tip. Often times I wonder how the day get away from me and I think scheduling different times to make things happen is an excellent way to accomplish your goals.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, I love the new look of your blog, including the font. Very, very cool!

    You are so very organized, no wonder you get so much done! You take on a lot but do it all and do it well.

    Thanks for sharing the secrets to your success. Organization seems to be the key!

    Do you know the song, What Does the Fox Say? That is a huge hit in the US now. Thanks for sending it here from Norway!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you!

      Yes, I have heard What Does The Fox Say? many many times. Ylvis, the guys singing the song, they have their own TV show in Norway and they are celebrities here, even before entering the US. I really like the song, and so does my kids.

  3. SJ Scott says:


    Procrastination is a killer isn’t it. Glad you found some great ways around it. One of my favorites is the “eat the frog” method, where you do the one task each day you do NOT want to do the most first thing. Once you get the hard stuff done, everything after comes nice and easy.


    • I have never tried “eat the frog” method Steve. I can understand why it works, but I am not sure if I would get a good start of the day, if I started with something I didn’t want to do. On the other hand, I would know that it would only last a few moments and then I would be back doing what I love doing.

  4. tanisha says:

    Just in love with your new look of blog. It’s really good article and very well written like always. Thanks for it!

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