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I have started to say no to boring

I’m about to reveal something to you. It’s going to be sort of a sneak peek of my 2014, and I’ll be telling you some personal things about 2013, things that you had no clue was going on in my life. But, that’ll happen tomorrow. Today, I want to focus on why I didn’t settle for boring, even if boring was making me money.

It’s no secret, that I’m on a marketing adventure, a journey to face my passion. It’s been hard. It’s been difficult. I’ve been reading books about how to run my business as a solopreneur, I’ve been talking to a lot of experienced people, and I’ve been hustling to get my business up and running as fast as possible. On the other hand, it’s no secret that things have been easier than I thought they would be. I’ve stumbled on to some amazing clients and some of the projects I’ve been working on has been fantastic.

But, I’ve been having a difficult time. I was saying yes to every single project I got the chance to work on. I needed the money to get by. But, most of the time, I said yes to the projects, because it was easier to say yes than to say no. I really don’t like to say no. That was the reason. Some of the projects didn’t do anything for me, other than make me the money to get by. So, instead of just keep doing “boring” projects. I’ve finally started saying no.

Don’t get me wrong. The projects wasn’t always boring. It was just that I needed to discover my real passion, before I committed myself to the projects and to the clients I wanted to work with. And, it’s better to say no, when I have little or no time to do the projects, than to say yes, and tell people that they’ll get the results from me eventually (… and I don’t have a clue when I’ll actually be ready to work on the project).

One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about, is how little time I’ve had to write lately. I have been writing every single day, but when I was saying yes to every project, I was spending all my time, working on things that made me money, without thinking about what was making me happy. I kept working, every single day, on projects, without having a plan for my long-term business.

Now, I finally have a plan. It might sound like a silly plan to you, but to me, it makes sense. You might not understand why I am relating it to Matt Farley, because I’m not going to be doing anything like what he’s doing, but hopefully you’ll get my point soon.

Matt Farley is a musician who’s written more than 14 000 songs, that’s more than 100 songs a day. He publishes the songs on Spotify and iTunes and he makes enough royalties to, well, to make a living doing what he’s passionate about. I’ve been listening to some of his songs, and I suggest that you listen to the poop song (Poop into a Wormhole). You should listen to an interview with Matt Farley at the podcast over at On The Media, and you’ll understand why I really like this guy.

No, I’m not going to start making music. And, I’m not going to write and publish one hundred blog posts or articles a day. What I’ll be doing, and what I’ll be revealing tomorrow, is my philosophy for a happy life. Matt Farley is doing what he’s passionate about, and that’s what I’ve been searching for.

I’ll give you a clue: it’s got something to do with the Vegetarian festival and UNICEF.

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