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Still problems with Google Adwords

Yesterday I thought I had the solution to my problems with Google Adwords. I thought it was just to write IMVITE as Imvite and all my troubles would be over. But again I received the message that my ad was dissaproved.

I am twisting and turning my head to find out what is wrong with my ad. I never seem to find the answer. And Google is not helping. They are sending me a very general answer, telling me that I have to read the general guidelines. Not giving me a clue to work with.

Well, I have read the general guidelines several times now, and I have another brilliant idea about what I have to change. In Google Adwords you have to options for an URL in your ad. One is the URL that should be visible and the other is the URL where your visitor should be directed (or redirected). I have used as the visible URL. This is because I would like people to see my URL, in my mind this is good marketing. But the actual URL that the visitor is clicking is

In the general guidelines it says something about the both the URL´s should be relevant to eachother. At the moment they can´t be considered relevant. Therefore I have changed the visible URL from to

I am eager to see what happens next. Will Google still dissaprove my ad? I will let you know shortly.

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