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Still Only 1 Signup From

A while ago I joined GDI and 3in7 just for a test, and because I believe that Global Domains International is a very interesting company and income opportunity. The 3in7 site and their guarantee was also very interesting. If you joined them and sent your referall url at 3in7 1,000 hits or more, they guarantee that you will get 3 signups at GDI or they will pay you the $10 it will cost to be a member of GDI for a month.

Well, I have only received 1 signup from 3in7 and I am still in their rotator waiting for my two signups. I did chose this alternative instead of getting the $10 check, because since I live in Norway it would probably take a while before I would receive it and it will cost me probably more than $5 to receive the $10. I am going to stay in the rotator at 3in7 for a few more weeks and will see how it goes.

At the moment I don´t see any future at 3in7, it seems to be really hard to get any signups from them, but I am sure that they pay you the $10 if you don´t get any signups in the first seven days.

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