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Is This Stealing Content?

I receive a lot of e-mails every single day, from various Internet marketers sending me their offers. Some of the offers I get are so interesting, even though I might not buy them myself, I would like you to know about them. Some of the e-mails I get is written in a way that I feel that the reason I am getting this “incredible offer” is because I am a lucky member of this particular list. Well, this is what the marketer (the owner of the list) wants his members to believe… that’s how I feel about it 🙂

Would it be like stealing if I copied the e-mail and published it on my blog? I wouldn’t change a thing in the text that I received, I would just publish. Or what if I wrote something about the offer and I published a link to the offer, would that be like stealing? The owner of the list, or the person who sent me the e-mail will get all the commissions if somebody would buy from the link on my blog. I wouldn’t earn anything from it.

I am not sure about this. One thing is to copy and paste from the original e-mail without the authors approval, another thing is to actually post the link to the offer. I would think that the author would want as many people to get his affiliate link, so he or she could earn as much money as possible. But again, some of them write the e-mails to their list as it’s something exclusive and if it’s something to the members of the list only. Even though I think it’s just a load of c…. 🙂 It’s all about sales, or am I wrong?

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