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Starting Your First Business When You are 39 Years Old

starting your first business

It’s 0530 am. I’m in the living room. I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, looking at the wood burning in the fireplace. The fire is the only light. I’m surrounded by darkness. I’m all alone, and not a single sound is available.

I have absolutely no energy left.

I’ve been working all day and all night for more than a week. It seems that I have had a reaction. It didn’t use to be like this. When I was younger, I played video games for days without sleeping or eating. It wasn’t work, but I could keep it going for a very long time, as long as I was in the zone. The same happened when I was a student, and I was reading for my exams or had some papers due, or for whatever reason I needed to get a lot done in a short time.

I still get in the zone, but it’s a different zone, and age makes it different.

The reason I have been working a lot is all because of the expo at the college. We invited our “enemies” inside. It was a huge success. We haven’t evaluated it just yet, but from the feedback I’ve received, and from my gut feeling, it was a huge success.

… and now it’s all over.

A few minutes after it was all finished, I felt that my body had no more energy left. I woke up the next day and I was feeling ill. I had a cold, it was almost like I had the flu. I’m still coughing, more than a week later.

It got me thinking.

About age.

About how different I am.

Age makes me different, and it makes me think in a different way. I’m looking at the world, and I realize that the world didn’t use to look straight back at me, but that’s exactly what’s happening now. It seems that every time I open my eyes and look around me, I get an immediate reaction.

It makes me a little worried.

Age is doing something to me. Age is doing something with the surroundings. Age is doing something with the people around me. And it’s been happening to me for a while.

And then thoughts of my dad entering the room appears.

I’m watching his tattoes. A red arrow on his left arm. A red heart on his right arm. I’m not sure if that’s even his tattoes. I can’t remember. I’ve never asked him why he got them. But I like to make up my own stories, and the stories are different every time.

When I look into his eyes, I can see what he is thinking of. I’m still the same little boy that I’ve always been. I’m wondering if he’s altered his thinking at all, or if it’s just me? Age makes us do different things. But, what is it like to grow older, how does it make us think of our children? I’m 39 years old, but I’m still his little kid.

I’m a lot more creative now. And I’m a lot more adventerous when it comes to my thoughts. But, only when it comes to my thoughts. I have a fear of flying, and I almost never do anything without being in complete control. Age has made me a different person.

My dentist has a huge painting of Jesus in the ceiling, and the guy that cuts my hair is a smooth talker. I wouldn’t have noticed years ago.

I’m drinking tea. It’s 0600 am, and it’s still completely dark outside, and not a single sound available. The only light available is from my computer screen, and a small lamp in the corner of the room. The wood in the fireplace has stopped burning. I forgot to do something about it. I’m writing on my novel. And, I’m thinking, what am I really doing out of bed? Age makes me ask different questions.

The Expo attracted students from all over the county, and the college was packed with people. Colleges and Universities from around the country was present, and so was my dad. My dad walked in, along with the kids, looking for me. I said hi to him, and made a two minute presentation of the expo, and that was it. I had to run off to help some guy. That was the only time I saw my dad. But I got to look into his eyes, and I discovered that the only reason he showed up was to tell me that he’s proud of what I am doing.

He never uses words to express it, but he doesn’t have to. To me, parents never get older.

They still treat me as I am a little irresponsible kid. And at the same time they’re so proud of everything I’m doing, and every little accomplishment I am making. But, they are always worrying, so I don’t ask them questions like how to name a business, because if I did, they’ll start asking questions, and they’ll lose sleep, and they’ll keep asking questions, and they’ll end up calling, and they’ll eventually show up, maybe not at 0530 am, but they’ll be occupying my thoughts, and they’ll keep me worrying. And I’ll keep them worrying.

Again, it’s about age. It didn’t use to be like that.

I used to get annoyed when my parents showed up, especially when they showed up out of nowhere, just to look at what I was doing. It was like they wanted to check up on me. And control what I was doing, and tell me what I really should be doing.

Now, at least when I’m thinking about it at 0610 am, I’m cherishing every moment I have left with my parents. I have realized that it’s more to life than what meets the eye, and that we all have different reasons why we are doing things. And that being a dad has changed my behavior, and it’s only because of that, that I understand why my parents are doing what they keep doing, and if you add age to the equation, everything makes sense.

I need to take action. The fireplace doesn’t have any fire left. The wood stopped burning a while ago, and I just keep looking at it, like it’s going to light itself. It takes me a long time to realize that I’m in control of my own destiny. If I want light, I need to take action. If I want anything, I need to take action.

It’s all about age.

A few months ago, I was speaking about the benefits of social media to people who are older than my parents. As soon as I entered the room I discovered a man who could hardly hear a word that anyone was saying, a lady who was very short-sighted, and tall, thin man, with a bad back. I believe the oldest one in the room was a 94-year old woman. She smiled at me all through the presentation. While speaking, I looked closely at some of them, and I focused on their eyes. I zoomed in, and I felt like I could see their youth through their eyes. I could see how they used to look at the world, how they used to behave, and it was like I transfered energy from me to them. It was like, in that room, at that specific time, we were all the same age, we were all doing the same things, and we had the feeling that we were living in the same world at the same time. But, as soon as the last slide was showing on my presentation, it all stopped. The man with the hearing aid, could hardly hear a word anyone was saying, the short-sighted lady couldn’t see what was going on, and the man with the bad back, it all came back to me. The world is different to different people.

As I walked out of the room, I couldn’t stop thinking about age. Age will have a major impact on who I am, and what I’ll be doing the next years of my life.

It’s 0625, and I know that 2012 is going to be a fantastic year, I can feel it, and I believe that age is the reason. I have a lot more confidence now, and I have a lot more experience, and I’m a lot more creative, and I’m in a lot more control then ever before, and it’s all because of age, and the mindset. My thoughts are strong and powerful, and they are helping me.

… the only thing that worries me, is that the older I get, the more time I spend being worried. That’s what age is doing to me. But that’s not necessary a bad thing. It just means that I care a lot more.

This is what it feels like starting my first business when I’m 39 years old. I worry about every small detail; about my dad, and my kids, and things that people younger than me wouldn’t think about when starting out. But I’m open minded, and more creative than ever. And I have realized that I need to take action to cause a reaction. And that every small detail counts.

133 responses to “Starting Your First Business When You are 39 Years Old”

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Jens,

    I can relate to the challenges of aging. I am going to be 43 this year. I still think of myself as I was at 20 and am always surprised when my body doesn’t respond as it used to.

    It is strange to have these mystery aches and pains that seem to appear without reason and cause.

    • Jens says:

      Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. I used to play basketball every single day, for hours. And I even remember that I was able to dunk. Now, I don’t think I can touch the backboard, and I’m not even 40 🙂

  2. Mark W Schaefer says:

    I started my first business when I was 47. I am selling my knowledge and experience. This is a business I could not have started 20 years ago! There are differences as we age, yes. But also benefits! Great piece. Thanks.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Mark,

      That’s awesome. I’m worrying about all sorts of stuff, but at the same time I can’t wait to get started 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Mark.

    • Ruth - The Freelance Writing Blog says:

      Mark, I LOVE that point of view. I started my own business a year ago, at 40, but I’ve never really considered that my age and experience works to my advantage. I’ve more so lamented the fact that I didn’t have the nerve/confidence/determination to do this at 25, when my circumstances and energy level might have been more aligned with my goals. But the truth is (and you’ve made me see it so much clearly) that I couldn’t have done it at 25 because I lacked the experience, insight and maturity to make it happen. Onward and upward Jens!

  3. Matt Fox says:

    I’ve been self employed since I was 24. I made decisions based on ego and rebellion. I’ve had a few businesses. Some were great, many decisions I regret, but all I’m glad I’ve been through.

    I’ll be 42 this year. Even with success and failure in my wake I still spend the day worrying, wondering, and concerned. The difference is, even though I still feel like a kid, I know the risks better. As you’ll find out, the experience behind you is the reason behind your concern and will bring about the light you need to guide you through the entrepreneurial tunnel. Good luck and good planning.

    Great piece. Many of us can relate.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Matt,

      So you’ve been self employed for 18 years? Wow, I bet you’ve some interesting years to write about. I would have written an ebook about my years as self employed if I had such an experience… and I would have bought your book. Because I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m planning my future, and doing everything I possibly can to do it right.

      But, since this is my first business, I’m very excited and worried at the same time 🙂

  4. Adrienne says:

    Ah Jens, I started this business when I was 49 so I can totally relate. Heck, I was able to relate to everything you said, especially about our parents never getting older.

    I’m going through that right now with my Mom. She’s having me check into retirement communities for her. I don’t blame her, she’s taking care of a four bedroom home with a big yard that she just doesn’t need any longer plus I worry about her being so far away from me should something happen.

    I’m sure your Dad was extremely proud of what you accomplished with that expo. I’m happy to hear it was a huge success.

    With age comes responsibilities and other matters to think about so just enjoy the ride. I have a feeling this is going to be a fabulous year for you too Jens and I’m excited for you.

    • Jens says:

      You’re such an inspiration Adrienne. I’m trying to set goals, and making strategies and trying to create a name for the business, and a website, and I’m doing everything at the same time… so right now it’s a little like chaos on my desk, on my computer and in my head 🙂

      I have a wife and two kids, and that’s mostly what I’m worried about now.. I need to make some money in order to sustain our lifestyle, but I really don’t ned to earn that much. 🙂

  5. Rob Lipscombe says:

    Jens, I have just turned 54, but in my head I’m still 24. Sure, sometimes aches and pains you never had manifest themselves but I keep myself as fit as possible and mentally I’m good.

    Strange but as I get older I have less fear, maybe because I have experienced business good and bad. My advice would be follow your instincts and never ever give up. Good luck and here’s to your success in 2012.

    • Jens says:

      HI Rob,

      It’s interesting that we all feel that we’re so much younger. The only time I really understand that I am 39 years old, is when I’m in a room of people younger than me. For instance, I was at a pub in Gothenburg (Sweden) a few months ago… and many of the people in the pub was in their early twenties. My friends and I felt a bit lost when we realized this 🙂

      But, when it comes to business, I believe that experience and knowledge is what will help us to success. And I won’t give up, no matter what 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your support Rob.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Jens, what a powerful post! You have created such a scene with you at the fireplace contemplating these issues that we can all relate to.

    Nora Ephron was being interviewed about a book that she wrote and she said that if she, at 70, could give advice to herself at 50, she would say, don’t worry about the little things so much. At 70 you can’t do half of the things you do at 50 so enjoy what you can do instead of worrying about what you can’t do anymore. (I’m paraphrasing a bit but that was her message.)

    Someone else suggested that the difference between being in your 30’s and being in your 40’s was this: in your 30’s you enter a room and wonder what everyone else thinks of you. In your 40’s you enter a room and decide what you think of others.

    Congratulations on your expo. I’m glad (though not surprised) that it went so well. Take some time off to re-charge your batteries. You have a lot on your plate still.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I need to stop worrying. I sort of know that I have the experience, and I probably have the knowledge as well, but I keep thinking that I don’t have what it takes.. but I’m working hard to get rid of those thoughts.

      What Nora Ephron said is very interesting, and I’m going to think of her the next time I start worrying about my business 🙂

      And it’s true, I have a lot more confidence now than when I was in my early 30’s. I would never have started my own business anytime sooner, the time is now.

  7. Mark Harai says:

    With age comes experience, with experience knowledge and with knowledge wisdom.

    When I was young I pushed hard, wanted results yesterday and worried about a lots of things… With age (46 soon) comes patience and rest.

    Not rest like in ‘less work or effort’ – rest in understanding that everything always works itself out in life and business.

    Worry sucks the life, energy and vision right out of you, which are precisely the things required to get you over the top in business.

    Experience is the most valuable asset to possess in business and that comes from starting and building them.

    You’re still very young Jens, have the support and love of your mom and dad – what a great position to be in!

    My advice: worry less & enjoy the journey! If you working hard and following your passions, your life will be filled with purpose and success!

    • Jens says:

      That’s very powerful words Mark, and you’re such a huge inspiration to me.

      Thank you so much.

      I’m going to enjoy every step of the journey.

  8. Ross Quintana says:

    Jens, nice piece, at first Saul sent it to me and I thought it was a joke, but I read through. Great article. I have gone through multiple phases of age awareness from feeling old, to feeling a sense of urgency to be more successful. I am with you. As a 39 yr old ex sponsored rider from High school I went up and thought I think differently about what I am doing, but it also helped me because I think about my landings and pay attention more because I see more consequences. I am a smarter rider than an 18yr old. I feel the same way about success. Great piece.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Ross,

      Is it true that you’re from Spokane? I was an exchange student at Blaine High School, many years ago 🙂

      I have just started to plan my business, and I am worried, but I have a really good feeling that I have made the right choice. The thing is that this is my first business, and I’m just going with my gut feeling on this.. but I have the experience of being online, working with marketing for the past 6 or 7 years, so that should count for something.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Ross.

      • Ross Quintana says:

        Jens, I would love to chat with you on skype and hear your idea. I am an innovation strategist and have multiple projects of my own. Maybe I can help. Let me know. Thanks

        • Jens says:

          I’ll let you know as soon as I’m available. I have just started on my business strategy, but I’ll need to finish writing my novel first (probably finished with it in two weeks or so).

          Thanks a lot.

  9. Lauren says:

    Hi Jens,
    Living in the present and enjoying every moment is the key for a joyful life. I am just 29 years old so undoubtedly I don’t know the gain and pain of getting old. But I will surely remember your words. I like this article as it is practical and filled with various emotions. Till now I don’t have any plans to start a business but I am not sure about future. Thanks.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Lauren,

      It’s a lot of fun getting older, and it puts everything in a new perspective. But, I still feel like a kid most of the time, and that’s probably why I am feeling those butterflies when it comes to starting a business 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by Lauren.

  10. Bill Dorman says:

    Age is an interesting thing; in my minds-eye I’m still a kid but my body tells me otherwise. I do try to stay young at heart and keep a very, very open and inquisitive mind.

    For some reason I have never been much of a worrier, I just expect things to take care of themselves and work out. And not to be melodramatic, but when my dad passed away in front of my eyes, it put a better focus on what is important in life. And you know what? About 90% of it wasn’t worth worrying over, because I couldn’t control it anyway.

    It sounds like you are focused, and its ok to have some butterflies because it will keep you sharp. Best of luck in ’12 and I do expect big things coming out of your place.

    • Jens says:

      I like your view on the world Bill, and I’m not really the worrying kind. But, after I decided to start my own business, I have been a little worried. This is brand new to me, and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. This way I feel like I’m sort of trapped in an “old” body.

      On the other hand, what’s the worst thing that can happen, right?

      I’m really sorry to hear about your dad, and I understand how this will change your focus on life. That’s exactly what happened when I became a dad, the focus switch in a matter of minutes.

  11. Maryland Wes says:

    I agree with Mark above. Age can be a great thing, and I believe more should see it that way while embracing the advantages of it. Getting older happens, so it’s all about how we maximize the time we’ve got.

  12. Dude, just wanted to say how much I loved the way you wrote this post.

    Most folks don’t write with this type of style Jens, the ‘see the world from my view, my thoughts’ style like you achieved here.

    Magical man, really magical.


  13. Christine from corporate gifts says:

    I can totally relate to this post, Jens. Ageing is something inevitable, it will come to us no matter how hard we try to run away from it. I really see nothing wrong abut growing old, except that there are obviously a lot of things that we can no longer do and enjoy. And its a normal thing to worry about everything. Perhaps its the thought or even fear that we may not stay too long in this business and in this world.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Christine,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. What we should do, is probably to focus on all the benefits from growing old.. with age comes wisdom and experience 🙂

  14. Anna says:

    Wow! Right now, I can not imagine that anyone on Earth could put the thoughts of getting older and wiser in a better way than this! You gave me the creeps, I loved this so much. To be honest, I think your age and maturity is just the perfect one for a business start!

  15. Stan says:

    Though I’m still at my mid 20s, I starting to worry too much of the things I would like to achieve based in my age. I am not telling that I haven’t achieved anything, but maybe I started to get what I want in a different way so I feel the pressure within me.

    • Hi Stan,

      I know how you feel. I didn’t worry a lot when I was in my 20s. Well, I worried, but on a completely different level. After I became a dad, I started to worry about my kids, and their future, and it seems to me that I worry more the older I get… on the other hand, I have become a lot more experienced 🙂

  16. olatoun-graceny says:

    All your articles usually sound like poems to me, u sure write details and graphical explaination. I think starting your business at your age might be an advantage because maturity,association and experience of life will count. I am in my early 30s and I am enjoying my online business taking minimal risk.I still have a lot of energy to me I m like 18yrs old *wink

    • Jens says:

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate this, and writing my articles like poems is a huge compliment to me.

      I’m also feeling a lot younger, but maybe 25, not 18, I was too much of a kid that didn’t know anything at that age 🙂

  17. Hi Jens,

    Before I say anything else, let me commend you on an excellent and thought provoking post. And I kept nodding as I was reading, I could relate to everything you said, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I received a lot of non verbal queues from my father, so certainly understand what you wrote about yours. And with age, we do pick up on these things so much easier and we look at the world in a totally different way then 5, 10, 20 years before. My dad is very ill right now, and I often think of our relationship and all the things that weren’t said. But I don’t worry about it. I don’t want to change it. That’s just the way it was. Age helps us understand these things better.

    Being on the wrong side of 45, it’s funny, but I remember being 22 and thinking that was old, or how strange it was turning 30, turning 40. But we age like a fine wine, and get wiser with all the accumulated experience. My 12-year-old son keeps telling me, “Dad, remember you’re 27!” He sees the way I act and it’s just a number. Less “worry” and more, “get on with life, in a big way!” I like having the experience, BUT acting like a 27 year-old. 🙂

    Sounds like you have a full plate, Jens, but you are getting on with life in a big way.

    Congrats on the Expo and congrats on an incredibly creative post!

    • Jens says:

      Hi Craig,

      I’m really sorry about your dad. That’s also the thing about getting “old”, I start to think about the day when my parens are finally going to get ill, because we all know that it will happen, we just don’t know when. We can’t control it, we just have to live each day to its fullest and have a an awesome time. There are so much in life we can’t control, but at the same time there are so many things we can control. And that’s why I decided to do something about my life. I want every single day to be a fantastic day.

      Acting like a 27-year old seems like an awesome thing to do. A 27-year old is just old enough to understand the world, and not do too many stupid things, on the other hand, a 27-year old is still very creative and full of energy and are testing the various paths of life 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Craig.

  18. Eugene says:

    Awesome post Jens. Very moving, and very attention grabbing. You know what they say…the eyes are the windows to the soul. Here’s hoping our souls never age even if our bodies do :).

    • Jens says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Absolutely. There are so many fantastic things about getting older, but what’s happening to our bodies might not be one of those things 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Eugene. I hope you’re having a fantastic day.

  19. John Falchetto says:

    Welcome aboard my friend, I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

  20. Hajra says:


    I am 26 and I am scared of starting anything new especially when I see teenagers talking about entrepreneurship 😉 When I was that age all I could pronounce that word and pimple was word no.1 ! 🙂

    I love the responses every one is sharing here and I must say, I am the oldest of the lot! 🙁

    • Hi Hajra,

      If you’re only 26, you are far from the oldest. I was thinking that I was old, but some of the guys here are a lot older when it comes to age, but they’re probably a lot younger when it comes to their minds 🙂

  21. Becca says:

    I’m in the mid-30’s and it’s more than a year since I started my business online. Hope i’m not late on a ride…
    I enjoy reading your post.

    • Hi Becca,

      You are not late at all, you’re a lot earlier than me, that’s for sure. And some of the other guys that has commented started a lot later, so I believe you have more or less the perfect timing. You have the experience and the wisdom when you’re in your 30’s 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  22. Age is a state of mind Jens!

    Enjoy the ride … 🙂

  23. Raj says:

    My Grandfather was contemplating starting a business venture (small one) when he was 70! I guess age has nothing to do with starting a venture. Its the attitude that counts. And you have loads of them, Jens. BTW, I have linked to my personal blog here.

  24. Kimberly Castleberry says:

    Definitely sounds like you’ve grown into a person your father is proud of. You deserve that. Its a different perspective.. but somehow still the same… to realize they’re proud of us now (and were proud of us when we were 2 and handle them that scribbly crayon drawing). I’m glad your cherishing the time… that’s really what it’s there for, to be cherished. Make the most of it. Best of luck in 2012!

    • Jens says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Kimberly. I cherish every moment right now, and especially with my kids… we’re playing Nintendo Wii at the moment, and we’re having so much fun. It’s important to connect on a personal level and be involved with all the small details 🙂

      Best of luck to you in 2012 too Kimberly.

  25. Caleb says:

    Thanks for sharing such a interesting story with us. You have good writing skills because I felt like I was in the story which to me is something that is hard to do.

  26. Sire says:

    I’m 53 years old Jens and I don’t worry about growing old. Maybe when I get to the stage where I am too old and decrepit to do anything but sit in my chair not even able to wipe the drool as it goes down my chin. Now there is a thought for you 😉

    Things certainly do change as you get older but not all of it is bad. Although I am 53 I’ve learned a lot of things that puts me in front of those a lot younger than me.

    • Hey Sire,

      That’s awesome. I love this type of feedback. I absolutely agree about that we shouldn’t worry about getting old.. we should live each day at a time, and have a fantastic day every single day. That’s what matters 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      • Sire says:

        You know, I think people would be a lot happier if they stopped worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow and just do the best you can with each day as it comes. Worrying about tomorrow won’t help as it can’t change anything and only serves to ruin your day. The same thing when you worry about old age.

        • That’s exactly what I’m thinking. But I understand why it can be difficult, there are so many things happening in the world and so many things we can’t control… but we need to focus on being happy and what makes us happy, if we do, we won’t have to worry so much 🙂

    • Cosmo says:

      To start your business is one of the important decisions anyone can get. I decided to make this step 20 years ago and I’m glad I did.
      Good luck and make it happen!

  27. Michael Jackson says:

    thanks for your post. It really provides me lot of information regarding my work
    Thanks and regards
    Michael Jackson

  28. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jens,

    I can so relate to what you’re saying here mate.

    I’ve just turned 48 and have returned to wheelchair basketball, where I’m slower than i ever was and being overtaken by “kids”. Last week at training a bloke made an excellent shot so we high 5’d each other, he’s so strong it nearly hurt.

    As we were leaving i mentioned it to an ol’ timer like myself and he replied saying the “kid” was 19 and asked what i was like at 19. I smiled and replied “Yeah I get it now mate”.

    Being 48 and still building my business, that I only got serious about 3 years ago, I am aware of the fears i hold. Will I flop and so bring my families happiness down? Will I end up losing what little money I have?

    Questions and more Questions I ask myself but I keep pushing them to the back of my mind as i keep building on what I have achieved.

    As our years clock up so do our responsibilities. I am no longer able to think of just myself and have to think of my family, which in turn keeps my feet firmly on the ground.

    My mum didn’t age for years in my eyes until she had a health scare and then suddenly she was old and needed looking after, on a daily basis.

    Age, funny ol’ thing makes us wiser and more aware of what’s going on around us and around the world.

    I have found with age that i can’t get enough of the news from around the world and when a big story hits the headlines I quite often explain it to my wife as I’m a few days ahead of the headline, and that my friend wasn’t me 5 or 10 years ago.

    Not to mention the bushy eye brows that are appearing 🙁

    Best of luck Jens,

    • Hi Barry,

      So you’re playing basketball too? I used to play basketball every single day, and for hours. For many years it was all I was doing 🙂

      But it’s been a while.

      What kind of business do you have, I’d really love to hear how you’re making money online Barry.

      Thanks a lot for your awesome comment.

      • Barry Wells says:

        Hi Jens, I’ve just started training for wheelchair basketball after about 8 years out, by god it hurts 🙂

        My business started by selling information products on eBay, which i still do. I have also gone on to create my own products, one is on ClickBank and the next is on PaySpree (nearly ready for launching).

        I also make money from affiliate sales via my blog and list, as well as a small income from Google Adsense, which I place on some of my download pages.

        This year I aim to write a few free eBooks and include affiliate links within them. I am also launching a product soon and aim to start teaching people how to create the 3 types of videos in the near future 🙂

        I’m not making loads of money but aim to change that this year.

        Best of luck with your novel Jens

        Take care mate,

  29. logo items says:


    This is indeed true! But I think does not matter, I know some young entrepreneurs. It’s not to early or late to start. But Yea, it takes time to build a name online. You just got to need time.The earlier you start the better.

  30. JOHN SMITH says:

    Thanks for your post. I think when you’re 39 years old. It’s so good for starting your first business. However, if you have condition, I think starting your business as soon as possible is best way. Although, I’m young, 21 years old, but now I want to buil business by myself, and i don’t want to do for anyone, i want develop for my business..

  31. Poppy says:

    I am there with you, I dont know why I tire, I used to watch TV until 4am and go to work at 6, I used to laugh at the people who had 12 hours sleep a night and think they were waisting their lives now I love my bed. I think I am at the age where I understand the expression “youth is wasted on the young!”

  32. Johnny says:

    Nice stuff I enjoyed reading all that you wrote!!

  33. Lenia says:

    Hi Jens,
    I like your writing 🙂
    I am 29 and I am starting my business now! I feel anxious but excited and I work hard. You can definitely understand how I feel!
    I wish you a successful 2012!

    • Hi Lenia,

      Thanks a lot. I remember when I was 29, that was a long time ago 🙂

      It seems that you have the same feeling I have. I know that you’re going to be successful. Keep hustling, and keep in touch. Let’s share our experiences.

      Happy Friday 🙂

  34. Danica Green says:

    This applies to everyone of us. We should always consider time and spend a lot of time on worthy things. Like for me, I really don’t want to be left by the train.

  35. Nawaz says:

    Age is the main factor in life. As age increases, life decreases. Like wise body working ability decreases but ability to handle the things increases because of understanding of life.It mean the inverse proportion exits between the age and life and that understanding and body energy.

  36. Peter says:

    Great informative post, I am happy to read it. I think really it is excellent post, waiting for the next post soon. Thanks for sharing me.

  37. Julia says:

    I would like to try business as soon as I can fix my mind what stuff I could sell and some strategy that will work. And yes good capital for a start too. Hope this will be realize pretty soon.

  38. Ron says:

    This is a great post but more so, the comments by everyone. I’ll be 39 in March/2013 and was feeling a little down because I’m just now getting starting with my consulting practice. After reading the remarks, I feel pretty good about my new venture and with my marketing “know how” I feel I can create a million dollar consulting practice.


  39. They say that life begins at forty and I also agree with it because it is the right time for an individual to implement all skills and experiences. It’s also the age of superiority in terms of finances.

  40. Yeah wish the best of luck when starting this sort of experience!

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