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Start with the end in mind

Do you write down and know your goals so that you can decide daily what you need to do to achieve them? 

Without clearly defined goals, you will be wasting your time and money. Ask yourself: are the decisions I’m making getting me closer to my goal, or farther away? If you haven’t already, take some time to clearly articulate and write down your goals.

Start with the end in mind.

With a clearly defined goal, you’ll understand trade-offs. Trade-offs are situations in which you must choose between or balance two things that are opposite or cannot be had at the same time. Sometimes it can be something that you do not want, but must accept in order to have something that you want

Look at it this way: if your goals don’t wake you up early, keep you up at night, and give you the fire of desire, then there is something wrong with your goals.

If you are not going to stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything.

First, start with the end in mind. Next, build your reputation. Your brand is what people think of when they think of your name. Protect your reputation and do not let your emotions control your actions.

12 responses to “Start with the end in mind”

  1. Hi Jens,

    You are so right 🙂

    If your goals are not defined and crystal clear, I don’t think you can head in any direction, leave alone achieve success with whatever you’re trying out!

    Planning your day, setting a routine, and penning your thoughts always helps achieve the end result. Yes, start with the end in mind and take the steps backwards ensure you don’t miss a step.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂

  2. Les Wallack says:

    Your post is so Right On!! I’m affirm believer in goals as well as Strategic Plans of Action BUT my biggest problem tends to be a tiny bit of procrastination and a lack of “Stick-to-it-ness”! I enjoyed you post a lot!!

    • Hi Les

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am dealing with procrastination every day, one of my biggest successes is to be using a system with projects and to-do lists and tracking both what I do and the time I am spending. I am using Todoist (to track everything I’m doing) and I’m using Timely to track the time I plan to be using, and the time I’m actually using on the different tasks/projects.

      Are you using anything similar?

      • Les Wallack says:

        Hey Jen…

        NO – All I am doing is preparing a daily things to do list manually and put it in what I think is the correct priority order and then I resolve to start on number one at the top of the list and work my way down. But here-in lies my problem…as I’m working on number 1, I’m distracted by other opportunities via my e-mail and then I find “MY TOP 10 LIST” start to grow to 12 or 14 things. Then the discouragement sets in.

        Any suggestions?

        • Hey Les,

          I’ve been doing the same as you, so I know what it’s like. Now, I’m sticking to my plan, but I don’t plan too much, so I’m always ready for an emergency, because in my experience something important and urgent will appear each day. So, I start planning my day, the night before, adding the tasks I’ll be doing the next day and the time I will need to do them. Then, first thing in the morning, I’ll go through the list and add the necessary details and do the adjustments (I recommend that you read «the miracle morning» a book by Hal Elrod). I don’t check my email until 10 am, and I try to stay away from my email until 2 pm. I answer all emails that takes me less than 2 minutes, if they take more, I’ll add them to my to-do list (inbox in Todoist) and schedule them for the next day when it’s time to do my daily review.

          This works great for me.

  3. Can’t help but to read the comments as well for this great post. I’m always interested with topics like this.

    I too use Todoist (recently switched from Things) and I am using a separate Pomodoro timer with it. If I wanted to track time, I will use Toggl with it which is pretty effective and it’s free, too!

  4. rimon says:

    Hi Jens,
    Hello there Jens,

    You are so right 🙂

    In the event that your objectives are not characterized and perfectly clear, I don’t think you can travel in any course, take off alone make progress with whatever you’re experimenting with!

    Arranging your day, setting a schedule, and penning your considerations dependably accomplishes the finished result. Yes, begin considering the end and make the strides in reverse guarantee you don’t miss a strides.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. Cheerful weekend 🙂

  5. John Mac Hayes says:

    I am a true goal setter so this hits true to me. I couldn’t make it through a day, no less a week, without having clearly defined goals. I think if more people wrote down their goals they would get more out of work, relationships and life, in general.

    John Mac Hayes.

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