You need to start using your logo

start using your logo

I am at a conference, and at the moment, I am listening to a man who is talking about the importance of having an awesome logo. Listening to him talk, I started to think about why my logo is an important part of my business.

logo berget marketing

There are many reasons why I decided that I needed a logo. It’s a good way to promote my business. It gives me credibility and professionalism. It makes me more memorable. It sort of clarifies what my business does, and it helps me look bigger and more established, in the end it helps me increase the value of my business.

At the moment, I am only using my logo at the top of my website, and in the signature of my emails. That’s it. But, for my logo to be memorable, and for my logo to have any real impact, I need to start using it.

I have been looking for ways to use my logo. But so far, I haven’t decided exactly what to do, and how to do it.

What I end up doing with my logo should be part of:

  • who I am
  • what I want to be associated with
  • what will best represent my logo and my business
  • what people will actually use

I’d love some feedback from you. How are you using your logo?



  1. I like your logo Jens – It’s simple and crisp. It stands out. I’ve been using mine except on business cards that need to be re-done. Are you also using it on all your social network platforms? Business cards? Pens? There are so many places a logo can go :)

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I am only using my logo at the top of my website, that’s it. I haven’t created any business cards yet, but that’s going to be my next project. I have been thinking that since I’m a solo entrepreneur, I should be using my avatar/pic on the social networks instead of my logo. It makes it all much more personal.

  2. I loves logo; I have always wanted to have a cool one on my website and on my name card so I can distribute them. I only have one problem, it’s not cheap to get a professional to design one. For me I need a professional help in designing because I keep having too many ideas about a design but it does not represent who I am when I try to do it myself.

    • Your logo looks great Kim.

      As a solo entrepreneur I have been using a picture of me on the social networks, mostly because it’s a lot more personal. And I want my business to be personal. On the other hand, I want my logo to represent something awesome and I want people to recognize it, so I really need to start using it more.

  3. Your logo is very important when conducting any type of business. You will notice that people often remember the logo first before the actual name. That just goes to show that logos should really be memorable.

  4. Using your own logo for your business is like letting the world know that you exist, and you’re about to make a difference. It’s not just an expression of who you are as the owner of a niche or business, but you’re also spreading word and awareness as to what your company or product can do for potential clients.

  5. A well-designed logo can be in some cases the secret key of success. As an important milestone on the way of building up a brand, your logo has to demonstrate what your business is about, has to be memorable and has o have a secondary meaning as well, which attract people and make them curious about you. The key thing is to find a really good graphic designer who can understand your aspects and philosophy, so the result of the collaboration could be your great logo which sells itself. Thanks for sharing your inspiritional article, I am really interested in the topics mentioned at that conference.

  6. Creating and finally using your logo to endorse your product is always advisable. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small boutique or a big business, a company logo helps to create a good name for you. You’ll be kknown even more.

  7. I’ve seen a lot I people use generic stock logos for branding. To me that just says your cheap and generic. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a logo design. But taking the time and spending some money to design something unique is a better way to go.
    I’ve been trying to get people to recognize our logo by branding without our name. It works!!!!

  8. Logos are very important in any business. This is usually the one which the clients remember whenever your business gets mentioned. That is why business owners need to make sure that their logo is very easy to remember.

  9. Hey Jens,

    Nice logo. Love the color combo and the subtle gradient. Very cool, plus I like the sound of your name better than mine 😉 What theme did you use to build out your marketing website? I love it, just wish I could actually read it 😉

  10. I agree with you that logos are important in creating a strong brand and a reputable online presence. It is your business seal of quality. Once absent, people will think you are not someone they can rely or do legitimate business with.

  11. Donald Quixote

    A logo may end up costing you a bit of money but in the end its worth it. Like you said, the logo says something about you, your company, and your product. I don’t think something that holds that much weight should be done cheap.

  12. I love your logo Ruth, and it’s awesome that you’ve added it to so many things. Makebook skins is brilliant and I believe that the more you’re exposed to the logo at the office, the more comfortable you’ll be working there. It’s part of the culture and it will be part of who you are, and how you think. The logo will make you proud, at least that’s what I want to be when I’m looking at mine (and it’s not about the design, but what it stands for and what I have accomplished).

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