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You need to start using your logo

start using your logo

I am at a conference, and at the moment, I am listening to a man who is talking about the importance of having an awesome logo. Listening to him talk, I started to think about why my logo is an important part of my business.

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There are many reasons why I decided that I needed a logo. It’s a good way to promote my business. It gives me credibility and professionalism. It makes me more memorable. It sort of clarifies what my business does, and it helps me look bigger and more established, in the end it helps me increase the value of my business.

At the moment, I am only using my logo at the top of my website, and in the signature of my emails. That’s it. But, for my logo to be memorable, and for my logo to have any real impact, I need to start using it.

I have been looking for ways to use my logo. But so far, I haven’t decided exactly what to do, and how to do it.

What I end up doing with my logo should be part of:

I’d love some feedback from you. How are you using your logo?

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