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Squidoo might not be all about Money

Yesterday I wrote a short introduction to making money with Squidoo, and it’s really not that hard to make money. All you need to do is set up a lens, then start linking to some of your affiliate programs. If you are lucky, search engines will help you get visitors and they will end up buying from your affiliate links. Well, it might not be as easy as I describe, but I think you get my point. It’s all about the niche and the quality of the lens.

Now, Squidoo is not all about the money. I know that there are a lot of people using Squidoo, just because it’s free, and it might bring them to the top of Google and it might help them earn money from their various affiliate programs.

But Squidoo is also a way to promote your good causes, like your favorite city or your favorite basket ball team, or your favorite tv show, or helping prevent breast cancer.

So, you could be using Squidoo just because it’s free and an alternative to start blogging. It’s a way to say your opinion on something, and it’s a way to show people what you like to write about and it’s also a way to help promote a good cause.

You might know that I work at a university by now.

What if I wanted to promote the university where I work, should I use Squidoo to do it?

Some people think that Squidoo is the way to go in order to promote a university:

It’s a very easy way to promote it, you hardly need to write a thing, you can just make a lens and start linking to pieces at YouTube and Flickr and stories from other blogs about the university or what ever you like.

It’s easy to turn the lens of your university into a lens full of valuable content. If you do, this might get your lens to rank well in the search engines. If you use your lens to collect content from the most popular places on the Internet with content about your university, you will turn your lens into a summary of why your university is the greatest. If you can make that summary, then Squidoo might be of great help when it comes to marketing.

Just take a look at this lens for Michigan State University.

How hard is it to make a great lens?

Add all the top videos from YouTube, add the top images from Flickr, add links and images to the university store, add some news from the university blog, and add some links to official pages at the university and finally, just write a short text about the history of the university and why you think that the university is awesome, and that’s it.

You got yourself a really valuable summary of why your university is awesome and a free way to market your university.

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