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Squeeze Pages or Splash Pages

I have just finished creating a squeeze page, and I would really appreciate your feedback. Is it a good squeeze page or not? You’ll get the link at the bottom.

Let me first tell you a few words about the difference between squeeze pages and splash pages, and why we use them.

First off, squeeze pages are really just a single page without any navigation. It’s like an advertisement, but instead of using a link to the sales page, you are using a subscription form. The goal with a squeeze page is to build a list, and that’s “the only” reason why you are using one.

A splash page is almost the same, it’s a single page, but instead of using a subscription form, you are using a link to a sales page or to your website. A splash page is like a preview of what to expect, it’s like show off. You give the visitors the best of what you have to offer on one single page.

A squeeze page and a splash page is almost the same, and you use them for almost the same purpose. You want to get people’s attention. You want them to stop, stare, and read/view what you are offering. With a regular website, there are too many links, images, banners and information. Your visitors chose what to read, and you never know if they chose what you think is the most important. They might leave your website without ever looking at your advertisment or without subscribing to your newsletter.

Before you decide whether or not you should use a squeeze page or a splash page, you need to think about what your goal is. Are you looking for a way to build a list, and then send them a newsletter or advertisements via email? Or are you trying to get people’s attention and try to pre-sell them a product or a service without having to send them e-mail?

Now, let me give you an example of a squeeze page. It took me just a few minutes to create it, and I want your feedback. Because if this is a sort of squeeze page that you think could work, then you can create it too in just a few minutes, and it’s completely free.

Ok, this is the squeeze page I am talking about. Remember, this is just an example.

All I did was use a template I downloaded for one of the many marketing courses I have bought during the past months. I replaced the video with one I found at YouTube (it’s the really cool AXE advertisement), and I added words of my own.

Don’t think too much about the words, this was created in a few minutes, and I guess that I could have picked a different video and I could have spent some time thinking about better words to use.

My point is really this:

If videos work for your squeeze pages, they are really easy to find, and free to use, just embed them from YouTube. Then, just add a few lines of text and a subscription form, and you are read to get subscribers to your newsletter.

So, what do you think (please leave a comment)?

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  1. Eddy says:

    Hi Jens, maybe you forgot the link at the bottom? I am interested in seeing of what you created :-). Thanks

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