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Sports marketing and how to get sponsorships

I’m currently doing research on sports marketing and how to get sponsorship deals for a handball club in Norway. I haven’t told you this yet, but I am now the head of marketing of one of the best handball teams in Norway. I’m very excited. I have never been involved in sports marketing before, and I am not sure where to start. That’s why I have decided to write a blog post and ask for your help.

sports marketing

I’m not going to tell you why we need to do the marketing, or why we need the money. It’s obvious. But, it’s not just about the money. As a professional handball team, we need equipment, we need various services and all kinds of things to make it work. I need to focus on sports marketing, not just to spread the word about the team and the games. But, we need to build a strong brand, and a strong foundation with sponsors that believe in what we’re doing.

New to sports marketing

Sports marketing is a subdivision of marketing, and we’re focusing on promoting sport events (the handball games), products and building a brand. I’m doing my best to build a strategy on what we should be focusing on. At the same time, it’s very important to get sponsorships.

I have written about the music festival, and that I’m completely new to be marketing something like that. I’ve been involved with sports before. I’ve played basketball for a major part of my life. But, I’ve always been an active athlete. I have never been thinking about sports marketing.

I have written several posts about marketing being “everything”, and as the head of marketing, I’m going to be doing a lot of research on how other teams are doing their marketing. I don’t think that I need to focus on just handball. I’ll be looking at different types of sports, and teams in different countries. I need to know what others are doing. But, I’m not saying that we’ll be doing what others are doing. I just need to find out what works, and what doesn’t work.

I know that sponsors are looking for a high return on investment. I’m starting out, thinking that most businesses won’t be supporting us, unless they get something in return (they’re measuring the ROI).

On one hand, sports marketing is b2b marketing. On the other hand, sports marketing is b2c. In order to get businesses interested, we need to build a foundation with our fans (the customers). And, we need a strong organization.

I’ve been thinking about it, but so far, I haven’t contacted any sports marketing companies. It might be a good idea, if they’re interested in sharing what they know.

Your views on sports marketing

I’m looking for sportsmarketing information. I’m looking for books. I’m looking for articles. I’m looking for anything that can help me with research, and help me to understand how to attract businesses and how to get sponsorships.

I’m really excited to be part of the handball club and to finally understand how sports marketing works. What I’m trying to accomplish is to create strategies to promote the sport and to promote something other than handball through handball.

Let me know if you have any tips.

Add a link to a sportsmarketing article. Anything.

I really need your help.

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  1. Brian Castell says:

    I’m actually going through something similar so I’d like to see the responses.

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