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Spamming wordpress blogs

I really just have a question this time. I have seen that when I make a comment on another wordpress blog, the first time I make the comment it will be moderated by the owner. If the owner accepts my comment, my next comment will be automatically submitted to the blog without any moderation. I am not sure if it´s like this on all wordpress blogs or not, but I know that I have it like this and many other of the blogs that I have been commenting on lately.

So what if spammers starts doing this, the first comment will be a real comment that you will accept. But the next time the start attacking you with spam instead. This is a method to get past the moderators and directly onto the blogs. I know that we will probably notice the spam and then ban the ip and the comments and so on.

But for myself and probably a lot of other bloggers as well, it might take hours or even a day or two before I actually discover the spam. If it takes a long time, the spam will be on the blog for the whole world to see. Even though it will get deleted after a wile, the spammers might get enough clicks to make it worth their time.

… just a thought

3 responses to “Spamming wordpress blogs”

  1. Allman says:

    Name or description of the feeds to get a hit:-)

  2. Sefi says:

    Good article yet I have something to add though, if someone into spamming they are very unlikely to take any effort to leave a meaningful comment on a site, they are always into writing simple scripts that do the – often completely wasteful – legwork.

    • jens says:

      Hey Sefi,

      You’re absolutely right. Although I have seen comments that at first seems to be legit, and when I have looked closer is a typical generic comment with links inside the content, or a keyword instead of the name of the author. But, as you’re saying most of the spammers won’t do it… it’s just too much work 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment.


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